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  1. fastener

    2006 YZ 250f jetting

    Mega bomb is awesome it really works good, but it is more mid to top. If you are looking for more bottom I would try 1 or 2 teeth bigger in the rear. Maybe I will try a 40 leak jet but I am thinking I might need a different needle. I might try the same needle the 05 used since the motor is pretty much the same as the 05.
  2. fastener

    06 yz450 news?

    My dealer told me last Friday that the trucking company has mine and that it will be delivered tomorrow 11-15. Can't wait!
  3. fastener

    2006 YZ 250f jetting

    Love the new bike but am having jetting problems. When landing off of jumps the bike wants to bog. It also seems to pop a little more than my 05 did. I have a FMF full 4.1 mega bomb system on it and changed the following on the carb: 60 leak jet p38 Any ideas on what I might check? I am at 100' above sea level and the temps have been in the mid 60's. I have been running 25% race gas and 75% premium pump gas. Thanks in advance for any help.