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  1. braap4braap

    CR85 Stator?

  2. braap4braap

    CR85 Stator?

    So..... My girlfriends 06 cr85 is having some wierd problems. It runs perfect when cold..... but as soon as it gets warmed up it won't rev past about 3/4 of the rmp range. It just misses and sounds like its hitting a rev limiter or something. Its not carb related, fuel is fresh, carb is clean, jetting is spot on and it does it no matter how open the throttle is, strictly rmp related so i'm guessing stator or cdi box? I've had a lot of bikes but never had any ignition problems so does anyone have any procedures or specs on how to test or determine where my problem is? Oh and plug is fresh also. Thanks
  3. braap4braap

    Trail 90

    I have a 69 trail 90. I'm gonna sell it but i havn't listed it yet. If u r interested contact me. Its a 1969 with 3,500 orig miles. Runs great, and has new tires.
  4. braap4braap

    Oh jeez...I did it

    hey where was that picture taken
  5. braap4braap

    CRF230 or TTR230 ????

    The bikes are almost the same. I am the same size as u, have ridden each and liked the honda the most. I has better suspension, better design, and can be totally tricked out with BBR parts. The Yamaha is nice, but the honda is overall a better bike.
  6. braap4braap

    hill climbs

    if its flat, (no rocks, pits) hit it as fast as possible, finger clutch, and downshift as necessary. if its rocky, go slow enough to maintain control, but not first (unless u plan on not going anywhere)
  7. braap4braap

    La Grange MX, Ca

    That place really sucks. Its like the size of a baseball field, gets super hot, and really crowded. Don't bother. PS: You pirate monkey kids sure have nice bikes.
  8. braap4braap

    69 Honda CT 90 Transmission

    I have an old trail 90 that has been in my family for years. I took it out of storage about 1 year ago. It started right up, I let it warm up, and dropped it into first. When i went to shift to second nothing happened and it got stuck in first. Now i can't get it out of first. The shift lever moves, but nothing happens. A collector told me to start adjusting the bolt on the right crank case cover. I loosened it and tightened it and eventually I got it to shift to other gears, but when i went back to first it messed up again. Now its stuck in first again, but this time the shift lever is stuck down also. I tried the bolt on the crank case cover again but it does nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (PS) I don't know if this means anything but whenever i ride it up a hill smoke will come out from under the front sprocket cover area. It has always done this for as long as i can remember.
  9. Get a 225 to 250. For you're size anything smaller would be pointless. I'm selling a 2001 TT-R225. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. braap4braap

    230 for a big 12 yr old

    If he is a agressive rider or (plans to be) the the 230 is too small. Especially if he is 165lbs. I'm 150lbs 14 years old and ride a CR 125. I grew out of the 230 when i was 11. The suspension will have problems with that kind of rider, and it'll be underpowered for him. I would suggest getting a crf250r, crf250x, of cr125r. Allthough the 250 is only 20 cc bigger it is a way better bike, and the cr 125 is in a class of its own. With his height he could handle a race bike and the 125 is the lightest one in that class.