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  1. rickfromnz

    XR650L Video

    I've only just got round to making a video for YouTube of our trip across Australia on XR650L bikes. Take a look...
  2. rickfromnz

    XR650L - Awesome Bike!

    Yeah, we saw a few snakes in the tropical area of north queensland towards the end of our trip. Although, there's plenty of widlife other than snakes to keep you on your toes!
  3. rickfromnz

    XR650L - Awesome Bike!

    I've just completed a trip across Australia with a couple of mates, we all rode XR650L motorcycles and found them to be superb for the job. If your interested in our trip, check out the website: Across Australia 2006
  4. rickfromnz

    I called XR’s Only

    I placed an order with XR's Only last week via their website. I needed the goods delivered to my country at the bottom of the earth (New Zealand). I was very impressed with their service, and just a few days later the goods arrived in great condition and well packaged. Well done XR's Only, and I would recommend them to anyone.
  5. rickfromnz

    650L XRs only rear rack

    I purchased the Happy Trail Tail and Side Racks for my XR650L. They are high quality and very strong, but the bolt holes didnt align perfectly, but managed to get them on after a bit of work. The worst part of it was their customer service. They did not respond to emails at all, I had to telephone them to find out what was going on with my order. I would recommend their product but not their customer service!
  6. I just installed Renthal Enduro High handlebars onto my XR650L to raise the height. However, I have now found that the Clutch and Throttle cables are not long enough to reach the new mounting positions!! Does anyone know where/if longer cables can be bought? Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. rickfromnz

    Re-jet Expectation

    I have a 2005 650L and un-corked it a few weeks back. Applied the DynoJet kit, removed the smog garbage, removed the snorkel, put a Uni filter in and took the baffle out. The increase in power was definately good, I found the improved throttle response to be the best outcome. I certainly didn't get the kind of power increase that many people in this forum talk about. All I would say is, yes it is worth doing, but dont expect it to perform miracles.