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  1. DRZ400 is my vote. I was able to pick up a DRZ400K for $950. You could easily convert one and put all the add ons you'd want and still stay under $2000. They are super reliable, and as already stated, have a huge aftermarket and knowledge base to back it up!
  2. Good news, I got it all together, and only bunged up one seal! I installed the countershaft seal too deep and it poured oil everywhere, replaced that and it runs like a champ! I have 1 heat cycle and 1 ring seating ride on it now. Thanks all for the support!
  3. It's coming slowly but surely. Went all OEM, working on cleaning all the parts that survived. My 6 month old slows my progress significantly lol. Thanks for all the great ideas guys!
  4. I think that sand ate away lower con-rod bearings, caused it to heat up, and then it snapped. I'll be splitting the cases as soon as the tools come in the mail.
  5. I wouldn't go that far, but you are definitely assuming some risk when buying from a stranger. I'd say to make sure to read the bike and the signs it gives you. Unfortunately this one was pretty clean and my x-ray vision isn't 20-20, but my hind sight sure is!
  6. Does anyone know if the 2017 crank will fit in the 2014? It looks like they updated part numbers, I wonder if it's of better quality. Thanks!
  7. I honestly don't know, it was a Craigslist buy, and I don't have the tool to check the ECU. The former owner claimed it was low hours, but I'm starting to doubt anything he ever said about it. : /
  8. I've found the OEM case for $575 with shipping, the only reason I'd prefer a used bottom end is I can likely get it for the same price but with all the bearings and stuff in place. Being that it grenaded, I'll have pay to slap fresh bearings in everything. I suppose I'll know more once I get the cases split. Just got the top end apart today, the head looks good but the Jug is junk, and has a chunk missing from the skirt. Sucks because it would have been otherwise salvagable. Time to look at big bore kits! Does anyone have recommendations for an aftermarket crank/conn rod combo I won't have to worry about? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Masterpeen, but not looking to buy a whole new bike, looking for help sourcing a reasonably priced bottom end for the bike I have.
  10. Hey guys, Just picked up a 2014 YZ450 from the CL, and sure enough first time out the crank snapped and broke the cases. Does anyone know of a cheap place to get a used bottom end or what other years/models are compatible (I think 14-17)? I checked flea bay but can't find anything available, and OEM will set me back a pretty penny. Any help is appreciated, Thanks guys and gals!
  11. Check the clutch lifter rod (Part # 10 here: http://www.ronniesmailorder.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c0bf1f870023420a2cf95/clutch) and the clutch actuator arm as well. Also, using the diagram I linked, make sure you have all the proper shims as depicted. Like Still Bill said though, the 5th gear issue probably has something to do with all the metal shavings running through your engine. That should be addressed first.
  12. I got my 02 for $1300
  13. 145 PSI is low.
  14. Check the wear/to make sure you have the spacer and washer shown as part 3 and 20 respectively in the linked microfiche. Those parts could also be worn. Not sure what year your cr is, but the fiche is for a 2002, you might have a different setup depending on year. http://www.ronniesmailorder.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053e4bff870021c54be215d/transmission
  15. You just spent all that money on rebuilding it, don't skimp on something that's cheap insurance like oil.