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  1. Hello, DanPorges and welcome to Thumpertalk. I assume you have to spend the hundred dollars at the dealer so I would also recommend upgrading the handlebars like damn dummy said.
  2. Thanks headster. I'll take a look on eBay.
  3. Your not alone brother, a lot of people use JB Weld to seal the crack up or if it’s really bad like yankeeave said you could look on Ebay.
  4. Clutch wear may explain it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=435890&highlight=Clutch+cable+getting+tighter
  5. I think he was either drunk or trying to show off to a girl, both will get you in trouble.
  6. Hey, headster May I change the subject a little and ask where did you get the peg sliders from or did you make them?
  7. You mean the criminal that uses to ride the bike knew what’s up. The State and Federal Government should only use our hard earned tax dollars to buying from American Companies.
  8. Thanks, Goebz. I emailed Harry at OEM Thumpertalk and he said that 51811-29F10-YJ4 is the right one.
  9. I need one too. Can you guys verify this, it’s the 2006 DRZ that has the blue head light cover, OEM PART# 51811-29F10-YJ4 Thumpertalk OEM Link http://oem.thumpertalk.com/detail.aspx?ID=26871
  10. As far as I can see they are, O wait never mind.
  11. +1 Sweet ride Neil. So have we made it to 50 yet?
  12. This is good to see I was starting to think the Blue Plastic wasn’t going to happen.
  13. Looks like life is good 03stage2, does your #3 have a sister?
  14. Hello, Nate Broken bones don’t sound fun, glad to hear your doing alright now. Don’t forget to shows us some pics and all the details on the 450‘s. Nice SV1000S how is your little brother doing after the tree accident?
  15. Hello, shell advance You don’t what the Boysen QuickShot and instead of the Powernow maybe look at the Flow Commander 2000. http://performance-design.net/flo_commander_2000.htm