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  1. eastcoastenigma

    who rides thomaston dam

    i ride whenever i can get a babysitter.
  2. eastcoastenigma

    whats the bigest bike you've rode

    i owned a 2005 Yamaha VMax. a big powerful motor in a tubular steel frame. That thing would rock n roll when you open'd her up!
  3. eastcoastenigma

    Tie downs causing fork seals to leak?

    i recently purchased a fork brace, maybe i succumbed to the advertising hype. it seems like it would work... but hey it's orange and matches my ktm!
  4. eastcoastenigma

    What's up with Thomaston Dam?

    i was there, it's open but not 100% i was even followed by the ranger as i drove in and he wanted to check my reg. i was all legal.
  5. eastcoastenigma

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2006 ktm 200 xc in my basement
  6. eastcoastenigma

    Let's see the carnage!

    The blisters take the cake!!! !!!!
  7. eastcoastenigma

    Connecticut to have LEGAL ATV trails.

    The State legislators have passed a bill to open four 5 mile trails in CT. It's about time, they should be dual use. It'll be a beautiful thing to have new areas to ride and co-exist with those whacky quad'ers. Thomaston Dam should still stay dirtbike only since its run by the Feds (army corp of engineers).
  8. eastcoastenigma

    Bring a 20amp fuse!

    Blew a fuse at the Thomaston Dam today, a few miles in is the wrong time to discover that the spare isn't there. Check your spare parts and emergency kit!!!
  9. eastcoastenigma

    MYTHBUSTERS motorcycle edition

    MYTH: Hitting a deer broadside at a high rate of speed. The MYTH is that you could split the deer in half.
  10. eastcoastenigma

    why do some people have to be pricks?

    One thing that I've learned about breaking the law. Don't return to the scene of the crime. Sure the DEP is stretched thin but given a couple complaints they'll investigate and I'll bet there's a trail leading to this guys driveway. If you ride an ATV/dirtbike, get it registered for MASS., you wont regret it.
  11. eastcoastenigma

    my street legal quad

    my vote: cool as hell. my disclaimer: never rode a quad, dont want one.
  12. eastcoastenigma

    CT street plate good for MASS trails?

    Aside from actually contacting somebody at a Mass motor vehicle office, is my street plated DR-Z good to go for some Mass trail riding or would i still need to get a special off road tag?
  13. eastcoastenigma

    WTF is this??

    Cinematic brilliance!!! Disturbing yet I can't look away.
  14. eastcoastenigma

    Can a dented outer clutch cover be hammered out?

    it's been my amateurish, newbie experience that the case can take a one time only shot. to try and bend it back would be to make a bigger hole.
  15. eastcoastenigma

    Do you worry about scratches anymore ?

    Ride em, wreck em. It's gonna happen. Pretty much everything I play with is going to get romped on to the best of my abilities (or lack there of).