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  1. jecsr

    Question for 4-stroke KTM

    I stand corrected but could not correct it Austrian Quality At It's Best !
  2. jecsr

    Question for 4-stroke KTM

    I know my 02 model was a long stroke 400 and after all my mods, I can ride as slow or fast as I want and my bike has never ran hot. I do change the oil after every 4 hours and the oil and filter after 8 hours. I’m also running Blue Ice. I have over 6K invested in mine and I know I could have bought a new one for that price. However, It would not have been anything like this one. Going on two years now and it’s runs a good as it did when I finished the rebuild. Research older bikes. you can get them pretty cheap and you can spend the extra cash making it into your own one of a kind bike. Never did the supermoto conversion. I decided to keep this one in the woods and buy a Harley for the street. BTW, it’s an 02 as well.
  3. jecsr

    PW50 Hard to Start

    I just bought my grandson a PW50 and it started and ran great when I check it out. The next day it took me about 100 kicks before it started. Once it started in would start ok the rest of the day. This happens every time we get it out to ride. Any Suggestions ?
  4. jecsr

    Question for 4-stroke KTM

    I’m not sure about the newer SXF’s. However, The KTM 4 stroke is German Quality at its Best. I bought a 02 SX400. Added a 450 conversion kit along with a 525 cam and would never go back to a Japanese bike. Now I’m selling my CRF450R and YZ450F. This bike starts as easy as a 250 2-stroke and handles like a 125 2-stoke. It’s heavier than the CRF’s and YZF’s but is seems much lighter. My engine has adjustable valves. All I need is a 10mm wrench and a flat head screwdriver. Very easy to work on and one of the most important things to me is, it will crank on the first or second kick after a crash or after it gets hot (not like my other two ). I can ride it on the track or tight trails, it can handle anything I’ve came across. With it also having a 6 speed transmission, a supermoto conversion might be in the future.
  5. jecsr

    fasst co flex bars

    After my son broke his wrist slamming into a triple, I invested in a set for his bike. Just trying to find a little more protection. LOL… After riding his bike with them installed on some trails, I went out and bought a pair for my bike. They are great for the track (especially in the woops) and the trails. I truly believe if he had these when he landed short, he wouldn’t have snapped his wrist.
  6. jecsr

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    It’s a BIRD, No, It’s a PLANE, NO ! It’s my sick version of a Black and Blue KTM. Special Thanks to Davidvolk for his upgrade suggestions and Travis D-37 for the help with the 450 conversion. http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e380/jecsr/KTM400SX/ 2002 KTM SX400 MODIFICATIONS: Body: Black Painted Frame (Black Base with Clear Coat). 05 Black Plastics with Custom Colored XGX Racing Graphics. 05 Single Bolt Seat. Fasst Flexx Bars with Pro Grip Grips. ASV Black C5 Series Clutch and Brake Levers with Rotator Clamps. Enduro Engineering Radiator Guards with White 2-Stoke Guards (that will not fall off). RFS Exhaust Guard. Devol Skid Plate. Scotts Shark Fin. T.M. Designworks Chain Slider and Guard. Promoto Billet Kickstand. IMS Foot Pegs. Chain and Sprockets: D.I.D. X-Ring Gold Chain Renthal Front 13 Tooth Sprocket Renthal Black Rear 52 Tooth Sprocket Wheels: Excel Front Wheel with used Michelin S12 Tire and New Brakes. Kenda Millville K771 Tire, New Brakes. Excel Rear Wheel with used Kenda Millville K771 Tire and New Brakes. Engine: Pro Circuit Muffler. 450 Conversion Kit with 525 Cam (Incredible 453 Power).
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I tried the search engine. However, it is down. Thanks for any replies.
  8. Well, Today I finally finished putting everything back together. I tried it out today for about 30 minutes or more going different speeds through the gears. Nothing to slow or hard. Then I changed the oil and rode it for an hour a little harder. Man What a difference. Wheeled in the first 3 gears with a easy twist of the throttle. Next weekend, I'll take it out and see how it matches up with my sons YZ450F. What I've seen so far, I love it. Any suggestions on a exhaust setup ? Thanks Travis for the kit and all your advise
  9. Please let me know his number. I still can't find any of the parts I need on eBay.
  10. Thanks, I'll try and give you a call tomorrow. As far as the question about the SX525, I found someone parting one out and I was checking to see if the sub frame, air box and seat would fit my 02 SX400.
  11. Would parts from a SX525 be the same ?
  12. I'm very serious. This is going to be my project bike that I'm not going to let my son and his friends take away after it's completed. Right now it has all black plastics and i just had a custom graphics kit order for it. Let me check with them to see if it's to late to change my order. $325 but what can I say, I like Blue and it cost more to have these special made.
  13. That sounds great ! I wasn't sure if you could change out different parts to make it like the newer bikes. Yamaha and Honda's you have to change everything. LOL... Let me know what it would take and what the cost would be. Thanks !
  14. I tried to pm Travis37 and he wasn't found. Could it be Travis_D-37 ?