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  1. jbuck

    Stock YFZ

  2. jbuck

    CRF 450X 05 or 06

    The '06 has the CA smog crap that make is run lean while idling
  3. jbuck

    Registering a bike from canada

    Yeah that is the answer to our problems here in WA. We can't register dirt bike for the street, but bikes from Canada get registered no problem.
  4. jbuck

    Best YFZ Pipe

    I have the Pulse Charger. And I can recomend it. It makes a huge performance gain. I have it on a '05 with no other mods and I can beat my cousins '06 everytime. Also some don't like the looks, I do though. P.S. STAY AWAY FROM CARBON FIBER you will have to repack it every 10-20 hours.
  5. jbuck

    Paddle Tire!?!?

    I also have an X and was wondering the same question.
  6. In the Half-ton range I would have to say Dodge. When I was looking to buy a truck I test drove every truck out there. I have to say the Dodge was the only one that felt solid. the Ford and Chevy felt cheap and rattled alot. So I think that the 3/4 Ton category is a tie beteween Ford and Dodge. I would take either.
  7. It is the Stock Power Wagon Axel it has a Electronic Locker, however when not locked it is suppose to be LS but acts like an open diff.
  8. I have a limited slip in my ram when not locked and it is horrible I can spin one tire in grass and the other just sits there. Does nothing at all. So I don;t know if all of them are like this but mine doesn't do anything different then a open diff.
  9. As far a Toyota truck go I have done a little research when looking for a off-roading machine. the Body style from '79-83 was the best for lifting because they had huge wheel wells to fit 35"s really easy. next body style was from '84-'88 and this is when they started offering x'cab. They introduced EFI in '84 on 2wd. They went away from Solid front axel in '86, so '85 in the last year for SFA So I don't think you can go wrong with an older Toyota except the older 3.0L V6 had problems so stay away from them unless you do more research to find out what the problems are. Decide what you want Solid Axel or Idependant Front Suspension Also the 22r's are dirt cheap to replace and less wiring then the 22RE(EFI) so easier for me to work on.
  10. Maybe alittle late on this one, since it has evolved into a history lesson, but I have a new Ram Power Wagon with lockers, Warn 12K winch, electric disconnecting sway bar, skid plates, 33's, Rock Rails, and Hemi from the factory make for a pretty damn tough truck. BTW I also have a '05 Grand Cherokee which is the most smoothest riding car I have driven. So as far as off road capable The Power Wagon is pretty friggen tough
  11. I have a '05 Power Wagon which is a 2500 Ram with a 5.7L Hemi and I get a dismal 10MPG City and around 13-14MPG highway. That makes for 11MPG combined. Terrible mileage but this best truck on the market. IMO