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  1. ga426 I need the left side
  2. one of mine broke, no one can get me one for the weekend, my buddy has two 08s and was going to let me use his. but i guess they wont fit so i am not riding this weekend. not worried about ounces just dont want my firk legs trashed.
  3. Will they fit my 06 forks? Any one tried yet??
  4. lol good find
  5. o pretty let me get a ride report, my 06 is getting worn
  6. Pictures please!!
  7. I use a heat gun to remove graphics and peel them off, For new graphics I spray soapywater and throw graphic on top and squeegie out soapy water and air bubbles while using heat gun. Soapy water helps you move the graphic around till you get in in position. Thats my 2 cents
  8. pankeys in hayward they have done dirt bike radiators for me in the past
  9. what skid plate is that
  10. Buy the pro circuit blocks like i did and forget about it, my wheels is straight and chain slack is easy to get on the money. Anyone know of a clear plastic skidplate which covers the front of the motor, was in dirtrider forgot the name.
  11. Need some help used search option but i could not find any help. Need to know what you guys are running clicker wise for mx and trail. Novice 160lb , 06 Yz 450f , I have set sag, what are you guys running clicker wise?? I am close on mine but am hoping someone has dialed it in and I can start there. Stock aint cuttin it.I ride trail usually but am switching over to track. Thanks This Message Board Kicks a%$
  12. I have had no problems shifting on my 06, finding neutral is a SOB sometimes. 1st to 2nd i hit neutral sometimes in single track but i think it is operator error.
  13. I am from Livermore. Place sucks. Springtown Jumps Rule!!! Only the real men ride there. Sup Pete
  14. you could get a pmb endcap with the quiet insert that s the cheapest way to do it with buying a new muffler
  15. I bought a MSR HP fuel screw last year and lost the directions on adjusting it. I know that there are numbers on it but do I have to go in all the way and then back out 1 full rotation for one turn? numbers mean quarter turns? What is everyone running on 06 YZ 2/14 turns?? Thanks