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    into to anything vintage: flat track, motox, roadracing
  1. strench

    Where to find DMC megaphone exhaust?

    Oh sorry, that would probably help.. for a crf100
  2. Hi, sorry if this is a repost, I searched and came up empty handed. Does anyone know where I could get one of the dmc megaphone exhausts. I've always thought that was such an awesome looking exhaust. Or does anyone have the specs so I could build one. I have searched the web and couldn't find any sign of them. thanks in advance for the info
  3. strench

    Things are heating up for the 100cc out west

    I got the fenders off ebay, they are just universal plastic fenders. The back i had to cut down, but there worked perfect. There is a guy that puts them up every couple months. If i see them again I'll send you a link.
  4. strench

    Things are heating up for the 100cc out west

    I know what you mean, I just need to find the funds (broke college student). I thinks its been awesome seeing you two out there with the sl's. especially your new one(pretty trick). I was blown away when i saw that bike at perris. As for the look of my bike originally i was going to keep the stock look, but then it just evolved into a little cheney looking thing. Awesome job keep it up. seth
  5. strench

    Things are heating up for the 100cc out west

    Does anyone know of any threads or websites with tips for getting an ace 100 race ready? I Searched and came up empty handed.
  6. strench

    Things are heating up for the 100cc out west

    thanks swiss I'll check those out, I actually have an sl125 swing arm on it. I'd say it gives you another inch and half. I am also working on moving the shock mounts to give me a few more inches height in the back. And i'm working on getting 35 cerianis on the front. I think that will make for a much smoother ride. It's just the motor. These thumpers get expensive if you want to go fast.
  7. strench

    Things are heating up for the 100cc out west

    They race along with mostly calvmx. they race at barona oaks, perris, and glen helen. I was there as a spectator, I just finished an sl100 for the 100 class, but, i might be building a hodaka. After talking to paul, I'm not sure if i want to drop a couple grand into the motor and still be down on power to the hodakas.
  8. strench

    sl100 almost done

    yeah ahrma just added a 100 class, thats the reason i built it. I thought there would be nothing more fun than a little mini thumper.
  9. strench

    sl100 almost done

    the tank is aluminum, its a cheney race tank for a bsa b50
  10. strench

    sl100 almost done

    hey guys i thought i would throw a pic of my sl100 up here. Its almost track ready. i picked up an mx360 seat to fit on it. It will let me run the rear fender much higher, at its present level i think there will be some clearance issues. I took this pick at willow springs moto classica a couple weeks ago. I threw it in the show just for fun and took third in the competition class. Well i plan on shaking it down at the next calvmx race at perris.
  11. strench

    SL125 fork interchange

    hey i'm building an sl100 racer right now, what years of the late model sl125 forks worked well? my stock forks are pitted beyond use, time to upgrade.
  12. strench

    SL100 frame mod

    hi guys i have a frame question for you. I am currently building an sl100 motocrosser for the ahrma 100 class. its a mini thumper so i have planned on going with a cheney theme just for fun. For those of you who don't remember those were the really cool frame kits sold for the BSA singles. well i managed to track down a cheney tank for the project and here is the dellima. the sl100 is a a dual down tube cradle. the two tubes go up to a collector which seems to look like where a single down tube would of gone. so everything welds in there, but the down tubes continue up past the collector and weld to the head stock as well. where the tubes meet the headstock is where the tank hits. Could i modify this section of the frame maybe by cutting part of the extra tubing off and welding the tubing lower down on the headstock . I know what you guys are going to say modify the tank! but, its a 50 dollar sl100 frame compared to a 500 dollar cheney tank. any ideas on what to do would be appreciated. the last thing i want to do is weaken the headstock of a motocrosser. heres a pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk82/retromotomagazine/DSCF4161.jpg
  13. strench

    Hotrodding an SL100

    thanks wayne yeah if you have time i would love to see some photos
  14. strench

    Hotrodding an SL100

    hey does anyone have any photos of sl100s you are racing or used to race. Im just interested to see what a racer looks like.
  15. strench

    Building an Ahrma 100 class sl100

    thanks for the info Dwight. I will try to post some pics as i do the build.