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  1. eX_CRF250R

    using the front brake

    you just have to ride more, the best thing you can do. there really isn't one particular/all-encompassing way, i think, because every track is different. Like on a sand track you can't use the same amount of front brake as you can on a hard pack track. I know some of the corners at the tracks i ride at I can be pretty hard on the front brake while leaned over, while others it's straight up braking before starting to corner or i'm low siding. You just have to ride different tracks and experiment with different braking techniques to see which ones work for the situation, that should give you a good base to build on for future rides.
  2. eX_CRF250R

    2007 stock tires

    i thought that same thing too. the only track i ever rode where i thought the tires were really good was this sand track i went too, never gave me problems. Anything intermidiate or really wet/muddy and i was complaining left and right. So far the only combo i've tried is MS3's front and back. And i really like it. KILLER in the sand, even better than the stock tires. Rode a hard pack, with mud and slick clay sections track and never had any problems. Work great on this one flat track style turn that was so hard pack, people were leaving rubber down lol. I thought that was going to give me problems since the tire is a soft/int type but that was not the case. Very predictable tire setup for the 07. I just have to see how durable this setup will be, only have about 3-4 rides on it. Hope that helps!
  3. eX_CRF250R

    Staddleline Labor Day weekend

    Well it was a blast i thought! I was only there on saturday from opening to 3-4 pmish and it got better towards the end i thought. Lots of slick areas where they watered heavily. Lots of people riding which made it pretty interesting at times, but everyone rode pretty clean. Ryan Capes showed up about 2pm on saturday (in his pimped out Moster chev and trailer, you couldn't miss it) and stayed through sunday. My roommate rode with him (he has known Capes since before he was really famous) and he said he got WAY fast since the last time he rode with him about 6 or so years ago. all in all and good way to end the summer...hope everyone else had fun
  4. eX_CRF250R

    **Update** Longview Mx for this weekend...

    right on:applause: , i'm out the door truck loaded
  5. eX_CRF250R

    **Update** Longview Mx for this weekend...

    so longview will be open tomarrow
  6. see the last post on page one ...but for the effort
  7. eX_CRF250R

    im getting a 2007 kx250f

    Get an aftermarket air filter, my stock one is crumbling to pieces...maybe the stock one doesn't like PJ's products:excuseme: After that, the only problem i have is no money to get my suspension done cause i'm always out :ride:ing haha.
  8. send your motor to Pro Circuit and ask for the Villipoto special...I guarantee Ryan will put your motor on the podium for you Seriously though...are you just asking to learn more info, or do you have a parts budget set aside??
  9. eX_CRF250R

    Hannegan Speedways MX Practice question

    I know what a VOLUNTEER is, spent 30 hrs a week doing it for a hospital during high school, BUT I was within reasonable driving distance to do it. b-ham is still a long trek (114 miles one way) for my lack of funds butt to make during the week all the way from tacoma to attand a meeting or volunteer, I'm looking at a 40 or more dollar gas bill for my truck each time....would i be gettign that back from the club for trucking 2 hrs (if i'm lucky) for a meeting/track work then trucking back 2hrs...just for a key??? Yeah work 8-9 hrs then spend 4 driving, i should get a key after the first day. I just think it's sad that its not open during the weekend, good way of isolating the track from the south sound (just like OPMC out by sequim, only Clallam and Jeffereson county residents ONLY). I don't see why they don't hire college students to run it on the weekends, and use the profits then to maintain and improve the track even more not to mention any other expenses. When I lived up there i would of loved to of done something like that outside of school. they should consider just letting people pay yearly dues ($150 or so) and skip the meeting if they are south of seattle or more...i bet there'd be more people going to the track... But i'm done :rant:ing I vocied my opinion:banghead: ...
  10. eX_CRF250R

    Hannegan Speedways MX Practice question

    its a long trip form tacoma to hannegan for a meeting and doing work on a track i might only ride once a month if that (atleast right now)....i'd rather pay like 150-200 bucks a year for a key and membership..but thats just me
  11. eX_CRF250R

    Hannegan Speedways MX Practice question

    what! really? so if you join their club you get a key?
  12. Do they ever have normal open style practice like Riverdale or Burntridge does??? I emailed them about a week ago and haven't heard anything back. I live down in Tacoma and always see nice pics of it, but taking a random day off work to lug everything up there for a race during the week is pretty expensive for me, not too mention it's not the weekend lol
  13. eX_CRF250R

    '07 rmz250 hot start problems.

    the sales guy that sold the rmz to my roommate is friends with JD and told him that he was going to be the first to pick up an 07 rmz, and JD asked him to ask my roommate to come down. My roommates bike had about 2 or 3 15 minute motos and an oil change or 2 on it...so he really didn't have anytime to really see if there was a jetting problem....more excited to be getting free stuff and have his bike on a dyno
  14. eX_CRF250R

    '07 rmz250 hot start problems.

    he swapped the needle and main, did the AP mod and fuel screw and i think the leak jet. It's been almost a year since it happened. I think it was early Nov. here in WA and that day we got over and inch of rain which happened during the dyno session, so there was alot of mositure in the air and it was in the low-mid 40s...so it's not going to be EXACT for everyone else but its pretty darn close Both the '07 RMZ-250 and '07 KXF250 kits are based off my roommates bike and mine. The thing was we were have RPM reading problems on the dyno for some reason. Most of the problem he was dealing with was part throttle AF ratio hence the change of the needle to get it closer to 14.7:1. But i must say JD has a NICE barn, with built in dyno room and 25mph ventilation system. His dyno setup is pretty cool, and the knowledge he has on jetting is crazy! I asked him about the Quickshot AP cover, and in the testing he did the cover doesn't do anything different than his AP mod...it's just clever marketing on Boyseen's part. onenastynotch: did you test it at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full throttle in a controlled and repeated test? Were you loggign RPM aswell?
  15. eX_CRF250R

    '07 rmz250 hot start problems.

    i tihnk its fixed, nevermind