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  1. opiebreath

    2009 Monkey Butt at Morrow County

    Here's the County's website for the park: http://www.morrowcountyparks.org/17290.html Heppner is the closest place I know witha Motel, it's about 32 miles North of the OHV area
  2. opiebreath

    stripped treads in upper triple clamp

    This is what's great about Thumpertalk and the Internet. I have 5 replies in less that 1.5 hours! Thank everyone. I don't mind turning wrenchs and doing some things but I don't want to mess with the timesert/helicoil myself so I'm gonna take it to some local shop and have it done. Thanks Again! Milt
  3. Ok, my '06 TE 450 - upper triple clamp, throttle side. The threads in the clamp stripped. They were damaged last year. From the factory the bolt on this clamp was holding the turn signal and horn bracket thus reducing the number of threads engaged by the clamp and after finding it loose I partially stripped it torquing it down to spec. I removed the two brackets and was tightened the bolt to within ~10% of spec on the remaining threads. Reassembling the bike today and I feared it would strip and it did. So, anyone care to share opinions regarding what I do next? I've considered the following: - purchasing a new upper triple clamp (probably more expensive than I imagine - drilling and tapping the hole up a size - drilling out the threads, filing the side smooth and running a longer bolt thru with a nut on the end (not sure this is prudent??) - having the threads repaired with a helicoil or similar thread repair method - something else that I haven't thought of?? Cost is a factor but safety and durability are most important. What would you do? Thanks!
  4. opiebreath

    graphics install tips

    Did 'em last night and the windex/heat gun technique worked great! The first piece I put down I was going "Dang, how's this gonna conform to the curves?" but then , after working it around a bit and hitting it with the heat gun it just flowed into place. Thanks everyone for the hints and guideance. Milt
  5. opiebreath

    graphics install tips

    Great! Thanks for the feeback I appreciate it and will be placing my graphics soon.
  6. opiebreath

    graphics install tips

    so, the windex ends up between the plastic and the sticky side of the graphic? Doing this dosen't affect the durability of the bond? Thanks for the info
  7. opiebreath

    Starvation Ridge 6 hr team race results

    Photos are up too! http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/store.aspx?p=35971
  8. opiebreath

    New eyes

    Just put the buell headlight thru it's first test on a couple of night legs of the Starvation Ridge 6 Hour Team Race last Saturday night. The light and my home made bracket both worked great! I needed to save the number plate portion of the stock setup and used velcro to attach it to the bracket. Thanks again to Ruffus for the wiring tip. Here's some pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71023733@N00/1431990653/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/71023733@N00/1431990749/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/71023733@N00/1432866508/
  9. opiebreath

    New eyes

    Your setup sounds slick - I'm trying to think of a way to mount the light and keep the number plate part of the stock setup. I compete in local Enduro and XC races and need to display my numbers. If I can't figure out a good way to do that I'll mimic your setup and change between plates and lights depending on the need...
  10. opiebreath

    New eyes

    Yea, that made the difference!! You da man! Now to figure out a mounting system... Thanks Ruffus!
  11. opiebreath

    New eyes

    Hi Ruffus, Thanks, I'd appreciate any insight you can provide! Milt
  12. opiebreath

    New eyes

    Hey Ruffus, I have an '06 TE450 and when I connect the stock wires to the Buell light I get one on at dim position and both on at high position. This sounds different than yours? Also, one is plenty bright but both at the same time are quite dim. I'd like to wire things so that it behaves like you describe yours - only one going on at a time... Any hints? Thanks!
  13. opiebreath

    New eyes

    Yea, I'd like any hints on mounting that keeps the stock number plate in use. I just purchased the light from my local Buell dealer...
  14. opiebreath

    17's on my TE510 Pics

    Didn't I see you riding N on 12th near Safeway today??
  15. opiebreath

    Browns Camp made the news

    Here's the OSP News Release: http://www.oregon.gov/OSP/NEWSRL/news/03_12_2007_death_tillamook_forest.shtml