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  1. I have been riding now for a few months, and recently i have been able to slide the rear out and accelerate through turns. Now what i am experiencing is not through burmed turns its flat sandy turns. I am able to put my leg out in 4th or 5th gear and accelerate to the point that the bike is sideways and i never let off the gas. My question is this: Will this make me faster through the turns by never letting off or is there a down side to this? Is this a good gauge of my ability as a desert racer and what would you say my ability is at this point. I.e. Beginner or intermediate? Thank You
  2. AddictedtodirtNM

    nicest smoker on here??

    All of your 2 strokes are nice, but it doesn't matter how good the bike is. What really matters is the rider on top lol. i purchased a team bike with after market mods from the handle bars down to the spokes, but i can't ride it very well lol.
  3. I have been out on my 03 yz250r about 8x and I am fine in all sections of the trail except the corners. I live in NM where there is nothing but sand. When i enter the corners I brake before, I am still standing up against the tank and i try to gas it through the turn. I feel as if i am really slow through the turn. Does sitting and throwing the leg out by the radiator really make that much of a difference. Someone help me get faster!
  4. AddictedtodirtNM

    Considering to get used bike in Summer!!!

    I just bought an 03 yz250r, I wasn't sure about it until i rode it. The thing is a rocket on wheels. I was able to pick it up for $2750. it came with Enzo suspension, full FMF exhaust,and everything else aftermarket. If you are buying used I would just shop around until you find a good deal. The guy i bought it from was getting divorced, lucky for me and bad for him. These situations are ideal. The bike is beautiful, and runs great. A mechanic told me that you can tell if the motor is fresh if it starts on the second kick (engine being cold).
  5. AddictedtodirtNM

    Advice for a new rider?

    I just picked up an 03 yz250r and when i first went out it seemed like it was too much, but after 5 or 6 rides you will become comfortable. The death grip will go away lol. Just take it slow and try more aggresive trails every time you go out.
  6. I just got done with my second ride on my 03 yz250 and for some reason the idle screw does nothing to keep the bike running. If i start the bike up and let it warm up, it will die no matter what position the idle screw is in. can someone give me some tips to fix this or figure out what is wrong. thanks
  7. AddictedtodirtNM

    Hits Like A Funny Car

    I just purchased an 03 yz250 with every mod possible on it (ENZO suspension, full FMF exhaust, TWIN AIR filter....ect). This is my first dirtbike in 12 yrs and it seem to be alot to handle. Any little twist of the throttle and it takes off like a funny car. Not to mention that any time i get bounced around iend up twisting the throttle more and almost end up putting myself into a cactus lol. i also managed to washout he front end and eat . does anyone have any advice on getting this bike under control in the way of a flywheel. Thanks:thumbsup:
  8. AddictedtodirtNM

    ENZO suspension

    I recently purchased a dirtbike with ENZO suspension already already installed. i was wondering what the general concensus was on this brand of suspension. I don't really know much about it. has anyone heard of any problematic features or things to watch out for with this brand. It's on an 03 yz250 Thanks
  9. AddictedtodirtNM

    Hinson Clutch?

    I am new to dirtbikes, and this week i purchased an 03 yz250 with a myriad of aftermarket accessories. The guy had said it had a Hinson Clutch and I wasn't sure how this will affect the bike and me. I am using the bike for trail riding so i wasn't sure if that was going to conflict with his MX accessories that he had installed on it. I have 2 questions if you guys can help me out 1. will this alter my riding technique any? 2. what are the pros and cons of this clutch? Thanks for the help