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  1. tom00013

    CRF450 muffler on XR600, is this madness?

    If I had the pieces readily available and some time on my hands?????? Probably, just because its what I like to do, tinker with things. If I had to purchase everything, pay the welding and labor, no....I didn't notice an appreciable change in performance and the exhaust note was noticeably louder. You may save a little weight but you will never get enough weight off this bike anyway. It is designed as a tank and it will always be a tank. There are other bikes out there if you want a light bike, but they will never be the tank that this bike is and the maintenance costs for that light weight is more than I would want to pay.
  2. tom00013

    CRF450 muffler on XR600, is this madness?

    I don't think the stock 450r had a spark arrestor on mine. I did have a hole with 3 or 4 holes in it though. I think that it just comes with a nozzle to direct the exhaust gases away from the fender. I think I put a450x tip in mine with the spark arrestor but I had to cut part of it off because it was too long for the cavity inside the muffler, also some grinding as it was a very tight fit. The tip from the x also had the peashooter tip drilled out.
  3. tom00013

    CRF450 muffler on XR600, is this madness?

    I did a 450 on mine, I think it was the r model and not the x. I ground off the top mounting bracket and welded it back on in the correct position. I had an old 650l pipe that I cut the connecting neck portion from and welded it on the crf450 can. I modified a 650r spark arrestor to fit in the hole. I think the can had 3 mounting holes and the spark arrestor had 4. I know I had to shorten it to fit and ream out the hole in the rear of the can as the welds on the spark arrestor kept hanging up. A lot of modifications to make it work. It sounds louder, not sure of any performance improvements as I changed the carb at the same time to a crf250 flat slide with dot coms jetting. Anything can be done with enough parts/modifications. Would I do it again???? Probably not, just had a lot of excess parts sitting around and some time on my hands to play around. There is more clearance behind the right side cover now, close to 1" gap between the pipe and the cover. Still clearance for the wheel and brake caliper. Tom
  4. tom00013

    My "new" engine

    Cost, turn around time, location/vendor???? Thanks, Tom Results look amazing......just wondering about costs!
  5. +1, Rebuilt many and had this happen a lot. A small ride on a bumpy trail should seat it. If it continues to come back, then I would look into it but first I would bounce it around a little to see if it settles down.
  6. You need to get your search engine working first before you get your xr500r engine running . Google is your friend. I just punched in your year and model with piston and got quite a few listing on eBay. You will find a lot of used parts you may need on eBay also, if they are no longer produced. Just remember you are buying parts that may be 30 years old and may be in worse condition than yours. I have found through the years that any bike over 5 years old, money thrown at it will quickly go down the drain and you will never see it again. The only possible exception is the xr650l, as the haven't changed forever and you can still get parts today for bikes that are 25 years old. As far as reusing the old rings, you may try heating the piston in the oven then putting it in oil overnight. Repeated heat cold cycles may loosen the rings. If you are able to remove them without breaking them, you will have to clean the grooves/oil holes in the piston very well without damaging them. The time and frustration you are going to go through would not be worth it, imho, unless you are stranded in the desert and this is the only way you can get back to civilization. Good luck in your adventure, you are about to learn a lot!
  7. I know this may sound obvious, but why???? If the piston was stuck, the rings are stuck, then the bore is probably in need of boring or honing. If you have it that far apart, you might as well rebore and install new piston/rings. If you only hone, you still need new rings for them to seat properly.
  8. tom00013

    Lift/Stand for the Pig

    I have one like Brian's but without the wheels. I think mine was a motion pro. List was $250 but my local shop discounted it for me when I told them I had seen it at another shop. I think they sold it to me for $150 before taxes. Best money I ever spent on motorcycles, makes working on the bike much easier. After seeing Brian's on another post, I'm looking to chop mine up and put wheels on it. There has been many times I've needed to spin the bike around to see something in my shop and had to do the dance by rocking it back and forth on the feet until I had it spun around. Mine will only lift my L by rocking it when it is about 1/4 of the way up, after that it lifts it fine. I will be looking for the limiter that Brian talks about and adjusting mine. These lifts seem pricey but are well worth the money.
  9. tom00013

    XR650L Carb Disassembly Question

    That brass piece is the float valve. It has a rubber tip on the very bottom. I don't know if carb cleaner will attack the rubber or not. I have never had one stuck before so I'm not sure how to proceed. I would probably try some gentle taps on the valve itself. I would be very gentle with it though as you don't want to break it off in there. You may also try to twist it back and forth a little. It may just be a piece of crap wedged in there and it may come out. My best guess is that the rubber is welded to the seat though. Usually the valves have some play in them and are not a snug fit. Regardless, I would replace the valve and if you bent the float up to remove it, you may also need a float. I would think just some needle nose pliers and a twisting/lifting motion should remove it. I think I have 2 stock carbs, so if you destroy something let me know and we can work something out on parts or the whole carb. I replace the stockers with fcr's every time I buy another of these bikes, so I think I have a spare or two laying around. If you do get it out and the rubber was stuck, you will need to clean up the seat before using a new one or it will flood as the needle will never seat and allow fuel to continue to run into the bowl. Good Luck! Tom
  10. tom00013

    XRL FCR Carb won't idle

    Looks like my choke plunger. Without a clearer pic of the knob, I would be hesitant to purchase it. The plungers are different based on the application. Some hot starts come in the top and some come in the side. If you look in the holes you can see that they seal differently. That is why I was able to post the pics of the plungers I have, I have 2 different flat cr apart and 2 stock cv apart. I've taken them apart for another project(wr450f) but went through the same thing when I did the xr650l. Have you tried adjusting the mix screw yet? Your knob may be sealing the hot start and you might not need to do anything but adjust. Tom
  11. tom00013

    XRL FCR Carb won't idle

    Some people just fill the hole with silicone. Kind of back yard fix but probably the cheapest. If you do it, look in the hole, you will see the 2 holes in the bottom of the port. You will need to seal both. Just don't glob some on the threaded hole and think that will do it. I like doing the thing right. I hooked mine up, I think I took the plunger off the hot start cable and swapped it with the choke knob. Put the hot start cable with my choke plunger and hooked up to my choke lever. My hot start is functional if I ever need it. Tom
  12. tom00013

    XRL FCR Carb won't idle

    Yes, pilot jet is screwed in tight. The mix screw is different for everyone. Dotcoms setting is a good start point. I went an 1/8 turn out until mine got worse, then went back in an 1/8 of a turn. I think my final was 2.5 turns out. If my pic loaded you can see the difference on the choke barrel compared to the other 2 types of hot start barrels. The choke barrel may not go down far enough to close the passage at the very bottom of the hole. Plus, the choke barrel is chamfered on the end and both hot start barrels are flat. P1000394 by tom00013, on Flickr
  13. tom00013

    XRL FCR Carb won't idle

    I'm not sure, but I don't think the choke plunger will seal the port properly. My hot start has an oring around it, and the choke plunger seals on the bottom. You may be leaking air around the hot start hole and running lean. I'm sure others will know for sure, but I would check for leaks there. I am at 600ft and run my screw out about 2.5 turns. Mine would not idle and missed at 1/8 throttle. Turning the mix screw out made it all better. I'm also running the same jets as you. Good luck, Tom
  14. tom00013

    Ballistic Battery Bullshit!

    Maybe I'm missing something here. When you say you never charged the battery, are you saying you disabled the factory charging system and never had to charge it? Or, are you using the factory charging system to charge the nmih/lipo batteries? I was under the impression that a lead acid charging system would ruin nmih and lipo batteries in short order due to their charging characteristics. I do a lot of R/C model electric stuff and everything I've read has always said you need a specific charge system for the battery type you're charging. This may also be why your connections are failing as the battery will get very hot with the wrong charge current and cut off voltage.