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  1. ARRRin, sounds like a pirate name. Like the man said, suppose the prices are virtually the same. Any significant changes or updates/upgrades in 05 & 06 or do you have to go to 07 with the aluminum frame for a major change?
  2. i love the idea of the flush mounted signal lights. I took my father in laws drz into the woods and broke off both signal lights on tree branches! (ok, fine i dropped the big heavy beast and broke one that way) are there other companies that offer a signal light that doesnt stick out so far? im on a 05 wr450
  3. more vertical and different cams, like the crfx 06' ?
  4. DUDE! I sold a cell phone to the SAME guy in nigeria! Some "priest" that guy was. Thanks for the selling tip. I'll try craigs list, local free ads and cycle trader. How much can these guys budge/fudge on retail prices at a dealer? I noticed a dealer on ebay selling an 07 for WAY under retail.
  5. cool comparison page, thanks 4stroke fla. whats the deal with the clutch? Is that similar to the rekluse shiftless clutch? This constant mesh thing? Time to trade in my wr400!!
  6. cypress, when did you have your teeth yanked? If yesterday, I recommend you wait another day or two to ride hard. Im a dds and see occasional dry-socket and popped sutures from over exertion. better safe, you know?
  7. Utah utah and utah. 4 different seasons of riding. High and low desert from plateau to hills. Dunes Galore, but TONS of woods and mountains. Relaxed riding regulations, popular off-road coalition keeping the trails open. Low cost of living and high standard of living. Ive lived in Utah, vegas and now in California- I miss Ut. big time.
  8. nscmj3 bump.. ps, I got the gpsmap 60csx- niiiiice. recommend any software?
  9. so did you get the 07? do you get ripped off when you trade in? (like a car dealership?) wheres the best place to list a bike for sale?
  10. Perimiter aluminum frame, new suspension valving, slimmer design, you know, really minor changes like a lot of folks were wishing would trickle down from the YZ's? Pro Tapered Bars Wave Rotors New Cam Different gear ratios( a little tighter) Skid plate sheesh, thats all huh. guess i'll get the 07 in that case.
  11. leaps and bounds huh? how come?
  12. did any of you guys consider saving a few $$ and getting an 06? yes/no, why?
  13. Thanks for the recommendations. Sounds like you've been around the block, and thats no short flight from maryland.
  14. Valuable personal review, thanks. lets keep this thread going. Im looking at an 07 wr250f and want to know if its going to be worth the extra $1,000 over the 2006.
  15. i got a job there as a dentist, we were supposed to fly out yesterday. My wife is dragging her heels so we can spend christmas with her family here in the bay area. Good thing too, cause in the meantime im scrambling to figure out how to get my bike over there!!! (shes not happy about that part but marriage is a dance of compromise, right?!)