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  1. mcorlett

    David Knight 07

    aye he is going the the US to compete in the GNCC! hopefully he will win that too! as for us guys being family it gives us an excuse to go the US to see him! doesnt look like anyone is going to beat the fella, juha tried at erzburg and failed! no one can beat this fella, altho his brother has come close on a few occasions back home on the isle of man!
  2. mcorlett

    gas gas enduro's

    gassers are quality machines! plus david knights brother rides them! and he is a quality rider also! i ride the 05 EC125 and thats amazing, quick and light! my mate has a EC200 which is the same as the 125 but has more bottom end and is like riding a 125! the EC250 is a bit more zappy and the 300 is super smooth! i fancy an 07 250!
  3. mcorlett

    2006 Erzburg Enduro

    nah i got the 2005 race! HAS ANYONE GOT 2006 RACE!!!!!!
  4. Hi all, did you all see the 2006 Erzberg enduro! David won again! how ace? As a cousin of davids i desperatley trying to find a video so i can send it on to him! if anyone has a video then can they please post it or email to me! Thanks
  5. mcorlett

    David Knight for endurocross win!

    hate to say it but " I told you so"!! should of had a bet on it shouldnt i? any one got pics or even video of the event, as i in the isle of man we probably wont get to see it!
  6. mcorlett

    David Knight for endurocross win!

    yeah im a big fan! also helps that he is my cousin too!
  7. mcorlett

    How many of you are racing the Qualifier?

    watch out for david knight passing u! hahaha
  8. mcorlett

    Where to get KTM parts???

    http://www.jimaimracing.co.uk/ brilliant guys!
  9. mcorlett

    David Knight for endurocross win!

    well we will find out this weekend, but rest a sure david knight will be up there! i spoke to him and he is desperate to win it after just missing out last year!
  10. mcorlett

    David Knight for endurocross win!

    not a chane mate, hes just unbelievable this season, he beat travis pastrana in the erzberg and beat Mike Lafferty in the last man standing, has hammered everyone in the World enduro scene! The man is a machine NO ONE CAN BEAT HIM!
  11. mcorlett

    Gas Gas parts availability?

    http://www.gasgasuk.com I ride a gas gas 2005 ec125! Amazing bike for trails and tracking!
  12. Come one lads, this guy has won ervery thing this year, World Enduro Championship, Erzberg, Hells Gate, Last Man Standing and was second in the endurocross last year. Hes on a much better bike and is better than anyone else in the world! http://www.knighter.net