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  1. Hi guys, This is the last chance for any bits as its going on ebayin the next few days. cheers
  2. pm sent
  3. recieved mate
  4. byggern you have a pm
  5. Well the final curtain has closed RIP my lovely VOR! Now the emotions are over if any body wants any bits give me a shout.
  6. Well its looks as it might be too much to repair as the bike not worth the dollar really, but I am hoping not. keeping my fingers crossed
  7. Well I have done a bit of investigating and found this!! and this!! So if any body has a spare top engine kicking around their garden shed. talk to me!
  8. Thanks for that I have spoke to Keith and I am going to drop the motor off to him on saturday and then he said he will give me a price to fix it. Nice chap and knows his stuff on VORs
  9. Thanks for your help. I am going to drain oil and remove from bike first so its a bit easier to work on. Could it be the piston rings?
  10. Hi guys, My lovely 503 has had a misshap and have blown on me yesturday. It went up power and cut dead and just rolled to a stop and a puff of smoke came out the exhust. I am not sure what it might be? I can still move it in netrual but when i put into gear and try to roll it forward sometimes it locks the back wheel as I would expect as it in gear but if I move it forward slightly it then put it in gear it rolls for with no compression. Any ideas where to start as I have never open her up before. I have the classic manual but not sure where to start. Any help you be great. (uk)
  11. Does anybody know of crossover parts for vor 503 2001(bolt on frame) clutch springs
  12. Hi chaps, I have been trying to learn how to back in my vor 503 sm, I can back in normally but i can't seem to get her to do it. I have replaced the clutch plates about 6 months ago and they seem fine, I think it maybe the spings not creating enough preasure. Does anybody know of a crossover spings that might fit my 2001 vor 503. Many thanks
  13. sent you a pm mate
  14. that would be great
  15. is your bike the bolt together frame if so do you have any side panels about in good condition