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  1. Catas

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    And what about to replace plastic skid plate by an aluminum one?!? (I also use a plastic one...)
  2. Catas

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    Do they have 2 oil cranks as OEM or do they joint them to a single one?
  3. Catas

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    Hi from Portugal, Thank you everyone for this great live coverage, from the other side of the world I felt in Baja! Congrats to all finishers! Congrats 1x, 404x Lou Franco and 2x Gabe!!! You're the man!!!! Good job Colton with 8x to the finish line... hope to see Justin back to Baja As orange guy, I'm sorry about 7x (how can I trust my 530 engine....). Please don't give up, see you in 2011!!!!
  4. Catas

    Recommendation for new chest protector.

    Acerbis Cosmo http://www.mx1west.com/acerbiscosmochestroostdeflector.aspx
  5. Catas

    Sportsman bikes/quads and Trophy Trucks/class 1 cars

    I’m a foreigner who has an idea (probably a stupid idea…), but I will share: To not mix cars and bikes there could be another solution besides a 24 hours delay. Only valid to loop races, like previous B500 and B1000 (not possible in the next point to point to La Paz…) That’s having cars (or bikes) starting and finishing at half way of the course (San Matias?!!?) and the others starting as usual in Ensenada (or Ojos Negros if you can’t solve inbound/outbound issue). This way, you should have more than 3 hour gap between last ATV starter and first TT starter, without increasing night race. I’m aware this is a very polemic proposal and needs to die even more people to be considered... Contingency and only half racers starting/finishing at Ensenada is not enough to keep la fiesta….
  6. Catas

    Sportsman bikes/quads and Trophy Trucks/class 1 cars

    Dakar can do it because every race vehicles have iritrack, so they know exactly where you stop and for how long. I also propose to use sentinel system from Dakar. I know these won't solve the problem: "the one truck you can see knows you are there the guy behind him in his dust does not" But it's great so you won't be surprised by a 800hp TT on your back and you won't be paranoid looking back every 30 second... I'd already used it on a rally raid, without giants TT but believe that Carlos Sainz flying on a VW Tuoareg like a WRC car is also scaring! However, I'm aware that sentinel and iritrack are very expensive, probably it would cost more than baja sporstman entry fee... IRITRACK and your safety IriTrack enables you to transmit qualified information to the race PC in real time. If you come up against a problem, you can be pinpointed by the organization whom you can speak with remotely. Fields of application are as follows: • Triggering or requesting emergency help in case of a serious incident (you or another competitor). • Signal a distress situation which might prevent you from continuing / or compromise your health. With two possible modes: • Transmission of an alarm and/or telephone contact with the race PC • Automatic: if a brutal shock or a prolonged halt of the vehicle is detected, the system transmits an alarm message to the race PC indicating the competitor’s GPS position. With the telephone function, the race PC may contact him without any action on his part (automatic receiver pick-up and inbuilt microphone) to establish dialogue. Your enhanced communication tool The new system offers you the possibility of sharing your adventure with your close ones, friends and sponsors day by day. The “live race” features two modes. • On the official race website under the IriTrack section, they can follow your progression in real time (updated every 30 minutes) and even relive your race while comparing it to those of other competitors. • MEDIA + OPTION: In the near future, you will be offered a Media + option. This will include transmission of SMS messages, e-mail via Internet indicating your times at CPs, departure and arrival CHs, specials and bivouac. It will also be possible to extend the IriTrack application to your own personal site. SENTINEL Tested on different 2004 World Cup events and used successfully on the 2005 Dakar, Sentinel is a safety horn whose function is to facilitate overtaking between cars, bikes and trucks.Sentinel is linked to the horn of the vehicle that wants to overtake. When the horn is sounded, Sentinel transmits the information digitally to the target vehicle up to 150 metres in open terrain. The driver or rider of the target vehicle receives a sound warning (110dB buzzer) and is visually informed (powerful 50-diode flashing light). He then replies to the vehicle following, whose race number has been digitally transmitted, by briefly sounding his own horn. The former then receives an OK-to-pass signal (sound and light). Sentinel is also fitted with a powerful alarm function with a range of up to 500 metres in open terrain which issues a warning if an accident has occurred or a vehicle has come to a halt but is out of sight. A sound and light sequence is triggered in all vehicles arriving on the scene, or approaching a vehicle that is stuck in the sand behind a dune.
  7. Catas

    13 episode Baja TV series, starts 3/29 @ 7:30pm!

    I'd stayed 1 week at Ensenada San Nicolas Hotel and it was great to have a TV channel showing “Dust to Glory” in loop, 24 hours non stop!!!
  8. Catas

    Photos of the 2010 1X JCR/Honda bike

    and why they don't use a R?!? What's the advantage to transform a X into a R? gearbox, frame?!?
  9. Catas

    5 Minutes With Steve Hengeveld

    5 pilots... Isn't it too much?!?!? Do they had opportunity to race all or is just for the record?
  10. Catas

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

  11. Catas

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

    yes... any news from Danny?!?!?!
  12. Catas

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

    "now" should mean 2 or 3 weeks...
  13. Catas

    Baja Bound in Portugal ISDE?

    Did you saw others racers using it? Only bike I ever seen with was Tim’s XR650 and I found it weird…
  14. Catas

    Baja Bound in Portugal ISDE?

    Hi Tim, I’d call Miguel 5 minutes ago, he’s in Figueira da Foz with Ray and Alex and they saw Chilly this morning at the special on the beach!!! Unfortunately no photos…
  15. I dont think so, I'm afraid each extra rider entry fee is very cheap, about 40usd... ok, more persons to eat, sleep and live 1 week pre-run at ensenada, but even so...