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  1. Marc ZA

    Jumping in the wind

    Thanks guys - especially for the downwind tip ... I don't think I would have figured that one out ... now bring on the wind so I can try it all out!!
  2. Marc ZA

    Jumping in the wind

    I am a fairly experienced intermediate rider on a Suzuki RM-Z 450... however I have one HORROR - jumping in anything over a moderate wind . I know it can be done - I watch the expert riders every windy race carrying on as if it were dead calm. I once fell over a fairly small double on a YZ 125 - it felt as if the wheels blew out from under me in a gust and I landed and went straight over the bars. Ouch. Now as soon as I feel a slight drift in the air I freeze up and won't attempt the jump again until a quieter day. It is mainly cross winds that seem to cause my wheels to move to the left or right while I remain where the bike used to be! Please tell me there is a simple technique to counter this ! Thanks.
  3. Marc ZA

    Best gear oil and oil filter

  4. Marc ZA

    Best gear oil and oil filter

    I hate it when you guys define your oil changes by "rides" ... what is a ride? Aaargh ... I'm trying to see if my changes of oil and filter every five hours (on the hour meter) using Motul 5100 15w50 is reasonable / too cautious / or dangerous!