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  1. jsg6110

    97 CR 125 rebuild trashed

    I dont think it was to lean the plug was burning a nice light tan color I will check the piston I didnt drill any holes in it so that might be it and yes it was Wiseco thanks alot for the replies I will check it out.
  2. jsg6110

    97 CR 125 rebuild trashed

    I am helping a friend of my sons who I helped have a top end rebuilt and after about 10 hours of riding it wasted the rebuild. When I did the rebuild I checked the tolerances on the rod and crank and had the cylinder bored with new piston and rings. When it quit running I tore down and it really scored the front of the cylinder and piston. I'm more familar with 4 strokes not 2 strokes anybody have suggestions of why it might have went so quickly.
  3. jsg6110

    Can I use a WR426 radiator in a WR400?

    Ditto to what Solo said i Put a wr426 rad on my wr400 just had to do adjusting where the shrouds hook to the rad
  4. jsg6110

    RE: Engine Ice VS Liquid Ice

    Clark quick question do you think a higher boiling point is really a good thing I have been looking at different products for better cooling, but I have concerns about raising the boiling point because hot is hot and it would be the same stress on the engine. I am beginning to think aftermarket radiators may be the best option and do we really gain any benefit from additives, has anybody done any testing to see if they are a benefit.
  5. jsg6110

    When are the spring dual sport rides?

    If you're an AMA member its usually in the back of the magazine. I also think you can go to AMA website. That would be only for AMA sanctioned events.
  6. jsg6110

    Perry Ohio 4/1/07

    Plan on being there with 3 other guys unless its pouring down rain
  7. jsg6110


    I talked to one of the rangers last year and he had said it was going to change for the extension of 33 but he said it wouldnt be for a couple years, Purdum loops was one of my favorite areas
  8. jsg6110


    For the past year I have been running an oil called Royal Purple Max-Cycle. The results have been amazing with operating temperture of the bike in tight single track. I dont know if the effects on the wear of the engine is any better than the oil I ran before, but reduced temperature would point toward less friction. Just my 2 cents
  9. jsg6110

    Left Side Crank Case Question

    Thanks Birdy 426 for the info
  10. I was checking my valves on a 2000 WR400 when I was removing the plugs to set TDC quite a bit of oil came out of the center plug is this normal I dont remember it happening last spring when I checked my valves I wasnt even sure if their was oil in the left side case. Older bikes I had previously owned were dry on the left side case. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  11. jsg6110

    35 miles new public trail in Ohio!

    Just sent in a comment, that will be great I hope it has alot of new single track
  12. jsg6110

    Baby Burr weather

    The weather for the weekend is gonna be nice but we have had rain this week and from rides in the past it we be muddy and some water crossings they usually have a great ride and would expect no less this year. Brrrrappp
  13. jsg6110

    Looking to Ride

    Looking for some places to ride this summer going on vacation in the Dale Hollow lake region if anybody has some info would really appreciate it thanks
  14. jsg6110

    WR 400 won't run w/choke off HELP!!!

    check your slide plate thats what happened to me put it in right no problems
  15. jsg6110

    '00 WR400 Overheating/Lack of power

    I had a similar problem just recently and it about drove me nuts and I was really beginning to question my ability to work on my own bike but I was able to find the problem when I had tore the carb apart to check what jetting was in the carb and to clean up the carb after it had set for a while I put the carb slide plate in upside down put it in right the bike ran like beforemy mistake for not paying attention putting it back together.