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  1. robigno

    2010-11 Big bore ,any info?

    http://www.athena-ad.com/pdf/P400210100033_EN.pdf that could match with more robust stroker connecting rod http://www.factoryracing.it/index.php?lang=it&area=news&idnews=10 Roberto
  2. robigno

    Big bore kit on 06 crf250x

    Hello, I had all your mods without the power now and with the Athena (13.1:1) let me say around 30% more torque and power over the JE std bore 13.5:1. Installation with zero problem. If you wont/can split the case Vertex sell a big bore with 85mm bore for 296cc for around 38HP at the wheel and a lot of torque. Roberto
  3. robigno

    2008 CRF250X or 2008 WR250F

    On the base of motor/suspension/frame features the italian reviews wrote that for tight trail, is better the CRF250X for hi rev/speed better the WR250F
  4. http://www.soloenduro.it/photopost1/data//500/3302IMG_6573-med.JPG http://www.soloenduro.it/photopost1/data//500/3302IMG_6574-med.JPG http://www.soloenduro.it/photopost1/data//500/3302IMG_6577-med.JPG http://www.soloenduro.it/photopost1/data//500/3302IMG_6575-med.JPG http://www.soloenduro.it/photopost1/data//500/3302IMG_6569-med.JPG
  5. robigno

    08 R cam in 07 head what other change need

    Thanks for answering to Ron and Honda rider, this is an helpful site in order to well mantein and improve our bikes. Regards, Roberto
  6. robigno

    08 R cam in 07 head what other change need

    Thanks, I confuse the valve with the stem modified (int. instead of exh.). I will wait Ron's answer. Roberto
  7. robigno

    08 R cam in 07 head what other change need

    Hi, I know that only the 08 intake valve has the stem diameter reduced not the exhaust (may be I'm wrong). Other question what are the tech specs. different for the 08 exhaust valve and spring respect to the 07 parts? Answering to the previous question it is possible to know if the 08 cam could match the 07 ex. valve/spring. Is there some one that know the parts features (ex. spring stiffness 07 vs 08 ..) Best wishes, Roberto
  8. Hello I have a 07 head with stock 07 ex. valve/spring and Faction MX int. kit. Can I put only the 08 cam or I need to change some other valve train parts and why. I know that the OEM ex. part number for the exhaust valve and spring are different from 07 to 08 but I don't know why (what are the differences). Is it mandatory match 08 R cam with 08 exhaust valve/spring or only spring? Thanks, Roberto
  9. robigno

    Italian HM CRE Enduro 250X...Help with..

    The 290 now 300cc is obtained with a Vertex BB kit before 84mm and now 85mm (yes,.. 85) and EFI made by GET now buy from Athena group. ASAP I will scan the computer manual I will mail to you. Iron parts are the kick stand with double springs, iron arc under the rear fender in order to support the heavy light and rear light and turn lights plastic support. For the model year check the engine number with Ramz. Roberto
  10. robigno

    Italian HM CRE Enduro 250X...Help with..

    Hello I'm Roberto from Italy The bike that you have is a CRF250X with the added parts for the european road use validation done from www.hmmoto.it If you need some info you can request to HM, from my side I restored my bike as mother Honda made it eliminating 3 Kg of wires and iron/plastic parts. Regards, Roberto
  11. robigno

    What cam to get?

    In order to understand the different cam behavior the Hot Cam dyno sheets on their site for stage 1 and stage 2 are useful with the cam features listed in this thread. Stage 1 is a good mix with around the bottom of the X cam and the top of the R cam (for that MY tested). Stage 2 loose the bottom of the X cam with a little more top compared with the R cam (similar bottom than the R cam). Roberto
  12. robigno

    Are these CCC Mods right?

    Hello Rick What is the total wheight of the cooling fan kit 19000-ksc-000 for the CRF250X 2005? Regards, Robert
  13. Yes it make sense. Roberto
  14. What does it means "short of that Italian pipe"? I don't have understand this. Roberto
  15. Searching for mod in order to improve the performances of mine CRF250X 05 in the two TT forums 250 R and X, it seams that trail riders prefer the big bore feeling and mx track riders prefer the stock displacement. I rode trail and single track in the wood, what do you think/experienced about this two different engine setup for my use of the bike? (actual CCC, Akrapovic muffler, R head pipe, stage 1 cam, JE 13.5:1 piston) Best wishes, Roberto