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  1. I used a strap mount that wraps around the can mounted to the stock rear mount location. Sorry no pic. It's stainless and looks good.!!
  2. I did not experience any binding issue with mine. It's slick and I recommend it for the reasons in my original post(reduced throw and much better feel due to greatly reduced slop in the fit on the handlebar.)
  3. Raising the needle to compensate for a too small main jet will lower your fuel mileage much more than having the proper main with the needle in the right groove. Always determine the proper main jet first.
  4. If you are anywhere near sea level, 155DJ is too lean. One size up on main should cure it.
  5. Best power and best mileage are not mutually exclusive. It's not an either /or situation. Properly tuned, your DR will run well AND get good mileage. My own experience: Stock-----------50 mpg Dj needle(3),152 MK main, air box mod,'03 GSXR muffler--50mpg FCR-MX emp-5, 152 main,Twin Air, mods above -----50 mpg These are not steady cruise figures but general riding around here which is a mix of twisties and country roads. I can get into the 30's when I'm really honkin' on it but I'm talking about legal street riding. Lousy gas mileage in normal riding demands more tuning !!
  6. All 4-bolt GSXR's are the same pattern. I Do not know if the '03-'04 flange is titanium (perhaps Rob knows), but I doubt it.
  7. I am running Rob's set up with the 152 main. It runs great and is getting 50 mpg at steady cruise (60 mph). Ripping thru the twisties, substantially less. When hot, it will stumble but not die with the screw all the way in and seems to idle best at 3/4 turn out. I do most of my riding from 1500 ft up. I wouldn't change a thing. This is great !! Thanks Rob !!
  8. Have you done this on a DR before ? How much will you be taking off, and how much will it affect valve timing?? Just curious because I am planning to do the HC piston in the near future and was considering that when you lower the cam to crank dimension it retards valve timing.
  9. There are cheap 600, 750, & 1000 headers on e-bay that will provide you with a stainless flange with the same dimensions. Also , salvage yards have trashed headers for these that can provide a donor flange. I bought one for $20 and cut the flange off.
  10. I have the '03-'05 R6 throttle tube on my DR650. You do have to cut the stop side of it to look like the stock piece (no problem). It not only shortens the throw, but fits the handlebar much closer, taking all the slop out of it for a much better feel. It's cheap at your Yamaha dealer and comes with a really nice grip installed . The matching grip for the other side is cheap as well.
  11. Any 4 bolt GSXR flange will fit the 1000 can. There are lots of stainless 600,750,&1000 headers out there for cheap that you can use to construct a mid pipe or to get a flange to attach to a Hindle pipe. I have been running an '03 1000 can with a mid-pipe made from the end of the stock muffler(with hanger), stainless tubing and a flange from a 600 for the last 6 mos. I knew that it ran much better than stock but now, thanks to Rob, I have an idea of how really good this mod is !!
  12. The 160 DJ main jet is roughly equivalent to the stock 150 MK main and much to lean for the airbox mod & K&N. Try the 165 DJ (or bigger)
  13. 5 1/4" ---Thats why its hard to find a fender. They're all too wide !!
  14. Need help in finding a low mount fender that will fit the 120/70/17 front tire and look good. I searched and didn't find what I was looking for. Has anybody done this ?? (DR 650) Thanks!!, BGRZDR
  15. I am in agreement with the previous post. the trouble you are having off idle is rich, not lean. I too am running in the 3rd notch at close to sea level with a 150 mik main, screw about 1 1/2 out. DJ needle has such a steep taper that moving it a little can drastically affect off idle and low speed mixture.