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  1. Happy Birthday Don Wetherell!

  2. Don Wetherell

    fractured Scaphoid..........

    Thanks for your comments.....it reinforces what to Hospital says. I do have fiberglass cast on and it is well supported. It the moment the bike is still pretty twisted and I cannot work on it with one hand, so it will have to wait too..... Many thanks.
  3. Don Wetherell

    fractured Scaphoid..........

    Any ideas how long I will not be riding for? Anyone else done this type of break?
  4. Don Wetherell

    honda 65???

    Just go straight for the 450, it will last longer, you canget blocks of wood and cellotape them to the pegs, for the little ones. Alternatively if you go to the tower of london you may be able to use the old RACK to stretch them a bit!! GILU
  5. Don Wetherell

    Firecracker this is for you!

    Excellent photo!
  6. Don Wetherell

    new guy with drz400

    Welcome from the UK, i joined here cos I had a problem with mine...I got all the answers with great enthusiasm, you will love it here....try chat it is pretty cool in there too. DRZ400E donw@silvercontrol.com Good Luck Matey?
  7. Don Wetherell

    Sound of a Thumper.....Oh! Its a Harley!

    When I was in Daytona, I hired and Electra Glide for 3 days, and you are right...this was a Brand New Bike with 2000 miles on the clock and it did sound like a sewing machine...........I had fun on it though!
  8. I am facinated by the mixed response about "Exhaust Systems" and Noise. It has been great to hear you views. I have been riding bikes for over 30 years and I have always had issues with noisy bikes. Last year I visited Daytona for Biktoberfest...what a superb week I had....Hey! but how noisy is it? Why do road bikes like the Harley's get away with it?
  9. I never said anything about NOISY EXHAUSTS, I said the great sound of a Thumper.......Please read this and educate others.....however quiet the exhaust is you can still hear a thumper coming or going. I have an extremely quiet exhaust on my bike....but it still sounds good! I am fully aware of riding restrictions and noise pollution....we suffer here more than our US brothers.....please just answer the question??? What is the best after market exhaust system?
  10. Don Wetherell

    "Sound of a Thumper coming"

    I never said anything about loudest, what I said best sounding, I have an extremely quiet CRM on my DRZ and it still sounds good for CXhrists sake, just answer the question!
  11. Don Wetherell

    "Sound of a Thumper coming"

    I am not saying you have to have a loud bike and hear it for Miles, you don't have to have a loud bike to make it sound good.....MORONS, just answer the question!
  12. Don Wetherell

    How to get the wife riding??

    If you get the kids a bike, show her how cute they look. Then get her to have a go on the Kids..........tell her how great she looks and that she is a natural! You know what they are like, if it's all about them they love it.
  13. Don Wetherell

    "Sound of a Thumper coming"

    I have a quiet Pipe on my DRZ but it still sounds superb!
  14. What is the best sounding after market exhaust system? I love the sound of the single four stroke single! How does yours sound? does it turn heads?