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  1. hows this coming along?
  2. which shock do you have?
  3. we can help
  4. I have a set of stock forks also
  5. make sure it is a midsize model such as the SSR 140TX,SSR150TX or Pitster midsize which ever you might be interested in just go with a midsize 14/12 wheelbase model
  6. might be cheaper just to upgrade the motor
  7. might be SSR110
  8. we will be there in a few classes
  9. .9 don't put a quart n that is to much
  10. I never have to use my choke when starting my bike and have the same carb
  11. I don't suggest any one get dual exhausts that are china made they make no difference. There mainly for looks.
  12. it is hard to compete with what imports have to offer these days. But any of your above choices would be good. Pitster and Pirahna have a good rep.
  13. I would say go with the a1 or E2, let me know if can help.
  14. what will you be using it for trail riding, jumping?
  15. we can help and support this board