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  1. im planning to go to clear creek wensday thru thursday next week. i think its open but im not sure. i think it depends on the rainfall if its closed or not
  2. I dont know about the chain slap, never had it happen on my bike. but i use honda gn4 10-40w for the engine and honda HP Trans oil 80-85W in the tranny
  3. went there a last weekend, and am going this weekends the best place on earth to ride i think. have you guys seen the new red no motor vehicle signs. i saw a couple of them last weekend but ive herd they are everywhere
  4. troll trail is the best trail at hollister hills. most of the other trails are packed on the weekends. hollister is a fun place to ride but you have to go there on a weekday. last time i went there on a weekend i got rear ended ?! yes rear ended by some retard on a quad and then he ran me over.
  5. no broke it in really slow, wich some people say thats the problem i should have gone out there and rode it hard and fast. but it ran fine before i took it to the shop so it sounds like it was there problem.
  6. thank you the shop mechanic was the one that probably put to much oil in it. so i will take it back to him.
  7. i bought my bike in september rode it three times then took it in for valve check and 15 hour service. then rode it again and it smoked and stalled the whole time. i have no idea whats going on with it. anyone had this happen?
  8. thanks ya im all stock, it would have been a wast of money.
  9. i wonder how many people are just gonna ride anyway i know i am. screw the stupid tree huggers
  10. how much of a difference would it make if i switched to vp from 91 octane pump gas. I got a 05 250x