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  1. jibrille

    Sport ATV 0-60?

    You honestly have no idea what you're talking about.
  2. jibrille

    check out reedy's new 450

    God damn that is sweet.
  3. jibrille

    pic from brual sand dunes

    We usually go after May long, but if it's not raining I'd definately try to go.
  4. jibrille

    Locked up my YFZ450 last weekend...

    What is the difference in the atv crank to the wr/yzf bike cranks? The only advantage I see is a 12.3:1 increase over the 11.4:1.
  5. jibrille

    YFZ450 or Raptor

    This was a 2 mile top speed test on a flat straight stretch of highway. My gps is dot on. I've never seen a stock 450 with a high mph in long drags that would destroy big bore 4 strokes or banshees. But sure as far as I know you killed him top end wise every time.
  6. jibrille

    YFZ450 or Raptor

    With my GPs I've gotten my Raptor to 82mph with higher then stock gearing, including bolt ons. 76mph stock 13/40. I've seen a stock YFZ gps'd and it was 68mph, 70 if it was lucky.
  7. jibrille

    YFZ vs.

    The LTR450 will be on dealer floors apparently in Feb of 2006. I'm really looking forward to it.
  8. jibrille

    2001 raptor 660r

    I do own an '03 so my knowledge on the '01s trannies are purely knowledge I've read about on other peoples misfortunes. I'd say if that the tranny hasn't gone on that Raptor in 5 years you're in the clear. When a one way goes bad or is going bad it just makes really bad clunking noises when starting it, when it is gone the quad won't start. Other then that I think the Raptor is an awesome machine, keep up on maintanence and it'll never let you down. raptortranny.com has a great tutorial on how to adjust valves which you should do atleast one a year or even season.
  9. jibrille

    pic from brual sand dunes

    I love Brule, it's a great place to ride, me and a bunch of buds usually try to hit it up around twice a year but usually hit it when it is god damn raining. :/ Would love to see a date set in spring/summer of '06 to meet some of you guys.
  10. I hate comparing bikes threads but I seem to always make them. Here are my questions. I am considering buying a new 450 bike this spring and I am torn between the 450SX or Yamaha's YZ450F. I'm definately up for suggestions because I have not riden either bike before, even the old versions. I am originally a sport quad guy and have only hopped on my friends 250 smokers. I ride some minor trails but a lot of open pits/stock piles, basically steep hills, cliffs, jumps. I'm 6'3 or on good days 6'4 and over 220lbs so I'm not really concerned about either of the bikes weight as a whole. I don't mx but I might hit a track once and a while too. I'm looking to pick the one that'll hit a lot less like a 2-stroke, as I'm not huge on the powerband hits (I like it, but I can't get used to it), also wondering which would be able to lub and bog in low gears without stalling out real quick. Any response would be great as long as it's not hugely biased.