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  1. parkys1

    Busted bolt!!!!!

    Thanks Cactus i have e-mailed Brap and with a bit of luck one should arrive on my doorstep soon (Ish).
  2. parkys1

    Busted bolt!!!!!

    Thanks for your replies but there was a bit i missed off!! The reason the hex has rounded is because the head of the hex has cracked allowing the hole to expand when you put pressure on it!
  3. parkys1

    Busted bolt!!!!!

    When changing the oil on my 03 525 MXC, the hex bolt you have to remove on the underside of the engine has rounded off so i can't remove it, anyone got any ideas??? Can you get a replacement bolt that replaces the KTM bolt that is easier to remove, maybe a different material? Loads of people have said don't take it out as they are always very tight and often break!!