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  1. JKingStL

    Mohard Radiator Guards

    I'll be putting mine through a test tomorrow, I was glad to see this thread before I bought another set, these are pretty nice. The fit was pretty good, shrouds were a bit tough to get mounted but it all went together without any problems. Too bad red isn't a standard color, the silver doesn't look bad though. Thanks for taking the plunge Old-Man and posting up, I feel better about tossing my bike through the woods now.
  2. JKingStL

    2008 fuel screw removal tool

    Can someone tell me where I can locate the proper tool to remove the stock fuel screw, it appears to be a D shaped bit. Do the dealers have this? If so what's the description or part #? Thanks, I did a search but there are a million threads for "fuel screw removal" with nothing really for this, apparently they used to be a flat head screwdriver.
  3. JKingStL

    Tool Bag? Sort of...

    Army surplus stores have a huge assortment of tough cheap bags. A few nuts and bolts with large fender washers and you have yourself a bombproof fender bag. As long as you like green or maybe black.
  4. I rode an old worn out 300KLX for a couple seasons in the woods and had no problem hopping on my buddy's CR250, a couple hours getting used to the snap on slippery fall leaves and I was feeling fine. I'm 6"2 225lbs so pretty close to your size, the 125 will get boring quick. I'm riding a 450 this year and it should keep me happy for years to come. I would go with a 250 if I could have found a deal as good as the 450, but I also was looking to have the push to start option.
  5. JKingStL

    Yami WR or Honda CRFX?

    I was in the same spot, the frugal side of me made the decision a little bit easier and I decided to go with the the better deal of the two. I happened to find a new 08 X within reasonable distance that was a good deal and went with that. If I would have found a WR I would have gone with that. I doubt you could be disappointed with either granted you treat them right. Coming off my 97 KLX300 either bike will be a screamer.