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    i ride dirtbikes, track and trail, and i like to play war and motocross video games
  1. hi, i'm darren from temecula motorsports, and i'd like to personally thank everyone that comes into my work and pays their hard earned cash on products that we sell...if it wasnt for the consumer, the shop wouldnt be what it is today, and i'm thankful for the way, we're having a big sale soon, call us for details! and as a side note to everyone wanting a deal on parts, honestly, the shop has to make money for me to be there to help you, so we dont like giving discounts to just anyone, BUT, we will price match any other dealership (no mail order companies)...if its more than 50 bucks, bring in written proof of the deal another shop has and we will gladly match it...and again, to the customer, thanks a lot! darren hill 951-698-4123
  2. TEMECULA MOTORSPORTS does excellent work...i understand they have policies to go by but i walked away a very happy man
  3. Temecula Motorsports
  4. if you can pass me!
  5. i dont believe there is brand loyalty, moreover, its the fact of how reliable a bike is, like, the engine, suspension, handling, moving parts, geometry of the bike, and overall run of the bike....for the most part, honda has had the top spot in the reliability department, hands yamaha, suzuki, kawi, or ktm might build a better working engine, honda has always held the top spot in reliability and race proven features....customer service, parts availability, accuracy on the special orders, and warrentys that honda gives is hands down top notch...i work at temecula motorsports and we sell honda, kawi, suzuki, and yamaha, and how far ahead honda is at the factory compared to the other brands is phenomenal...i believe as well as how the overall bike works, it is great to have a bike that the company will stand behind far honda and yamaha are the far as ktm, they need to deliver a bike that works for what its suppose to (referring to the sx models) before i compare them to the big 4...decent bikes, but not in the ballpark, besides their engine, to what the other brands offer....when yamaha becomes more reliable than honda, i'm sure honda guys will jump ship, so theres not much loyalty in brand there...if any of you that read this are from so cal, my number at temecula motorsports is 951-698-4123, if you have any questions regarding the parts side of things...thanks for reading!
  6. i work at a motorcycle shop here in temecula, and i have a lot of customers that come in wanting to know when they should replace their valves and answer is you should replace the valves when they are cupped from slapping the valve seats....then their next question is when should they adjust them and when should they replace the springs....well, i have ridden 4-strokes, but i do not own one so i have not experience this hassle yet lol....therefore i cannot give an accurate and truthful answer for every situation....most of my customers are honda customers, but we sell kawi's, suzuki's, and yamaha's also....can someone please give me a ballpark time to change springs, adjust the valves, or replace the valves?? i'd like to save someone from blowing up their engine before theyre able to do an adjustment or replacement of these vital parts....thanks guys!