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  1. Anybody riding or want to ride Saturday?
  2. Yes, platted in Glendora. Where is the North/South divide?
  3. I will be away this weekend but is anyone available next weekend, 21st or 22nd? I didn't have anything particular in mind, suggestions?
  4. Not sure what happened to this thread. Are any of you still interested in riding or is it to hot now?
  5. I can't ride Friday, but Saturday or Sunday?
  6. I'm glad to finaly see some response to this thread. I'm definitely interested in any rides that you guys come up with.
  7. I have not done much riding of any kind this season but would also like to get back to it. Most of my riding has been in the desert but have done a few local rides in and around the San Bernadino Mountains. I prefer rides that keep the pavement to a minimum but curvy mountain roads can be fun. How about you?
  8. I live in Glendora as well. Are you interested in Dualsport riding?