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  1. MattF

    '99 WR400 cam questions

    Thanks for the replies fellas. Being that she's running well, I think I'm just gonna' ride 'er . I'll let you know if something blows up!
  2. MattF

    '99 WR400 cam questions

    When I first went in, my exhaust cam still had the punch marks lined up with the cylinder head and there were 13 pins between the 12 o'clock punch marks (wr timed). However, the intake cam was clockwise one tooth (or at least the cam sprocket was) because the punch marks did not line up with the cylinder head. After rotating the exhaust cam 1 tooth, I now have 12 pins between the marks (yz timed). The bike runs great, I was just bothered by the punch marks on the intake cam not lining up.
  3. MattF

    '99 WR400 cam questions

    Yeah, that's why I'm confused... the number of pins is correct but the intake cam looks like it has been rotated 1 tooth clockwise (the punch marks don't line up with the head). It was that way before I did any mods to it. Thanks for the input.
  4. MattF

    WR400 Downhill

    I usually bump start in 3rd. Works for me on all but the loosest downhill sections.
  5. MattF

    WR400/IMS tank issues

    I have the same tank on my '99 WR. I don't have any issue getting fuel from the right side of the tank when it's low. Maybe the fuel level is below the main petcock tube inside the tank... try reserve. The leak from the overflow tube could be caused by incorrect float level or a bad seal at the needle valve. Check the o-ring.
  6. Went in this weekend to check valves and change to yz timing... Manual states that at tdc, the punch marks on the cam should line up with the cylinder head (before yz timing mod). The intake cam on my bike is positioned one tooth clockwise. There were still 13 pins (timing chain) between punch marks. Now, after the timing change, both of my cams are rotated one tooth clockwise. There are now 12 pins between the punch marks. Bike runs strong. I remember reading a similar post on this same subject a while back. The responses seemed to say disregard the position of the punch marks as long as the cam lobes face away from each other and there are the proper # of pins between the punch marks. I got spooked this weekend when the manual said to make sure the punch marks do line up with the cylinder head or else serious engine damage could occur. Anyone have any input on this? Any advice is much appreciated. On a side note: How much resistance should there be when sliding the feeler guage under the cam lobes to check valves? I can fit a wide range of feeler guages in so surely the amount of resistance is important. Thanks again for any help.
  7. MattF

    Carb just dumping gas out??? Help

    When mine was leaking, either riding the bike or banging on the carb seemed to fix it for awhile. Eventually I just had to replace the needle valve. yamaha.motogrid.com has the assembly for about $35.
  8. MattF

    Carb just dumping gas out??? Help

    I had the same problem. I replaced the needle valve even though mine looked alright... problem fixed.
  9. MattF

    snow :-(

    Dunno if it snowed but I think it might be possible. That place is way more fun in the weather anyways. The trails get nice and sh**ty! Would love to go on Monday but I'm stuck in Chicago 'til Thurs. Have fun!
  10. MattF

    snow :-(

    To get to rowher: 14N exit Sand Canyon Left over fwy keep straight until right on Sierra Hwy. A few miles up there is a small sign on the right that points to Rohwer on the left. That's how to get to the main staging areas. You can also park in a dirt turnout off of Boquet Cyn. and ride up a pretty fun trail to the rest of the area.
  11. MattF

    accelerator pump mods early models

    I haven't messed with my accelerator pump but I think I've read threads about timing the squirt. Try a search. I got rid of nearly all my off idle bog by re-jetting.
  12. Anyone tried drilling out the holes in the endcap or cutting the tube on the PMB insert? Looking to increase low to midrange while still keeping noise down. Please let me know of any (non)success stories before I end up with a $40 piece of scrap aluminum!
  13. MattF

    Garmin GPS tracks

    Thanks alot. I do plan to do Moab one day so I'll keep that in mind!