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    Motorcycles, Post Vintage MX, occasional modern MX,and off-road riding. Road trips to local wineries.;-)

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  1. rdefonce

    2000 KTM 300 exc or 2006 KTM 200 xc

    Stealing it - if it's in decent shape, and doesn't need completely rebuilding. if the 300 is in noticeably better condition (after close scrutiny of course), it might be a better choice . . . That said, I recently sold my '06 200 XC-W, that was a great bike, a good year for 200's. last year for the 38mm carbs, they run strong.
  2. rdefonce

    Tough Choices KTM 200 XC-W VS 250 XC-W

    right - never as much power at altitude even with FI, because of less air/fuel. That might be one reason that an electric bike won Pikes Peak hillclimb in 2013 . . . no loss of torque there due to altitude!!!
  3. rdefonce

    Tough Choices KTM 200 XC-W VS 250 XC-W

    No offense man but extra power in that situation is only a crutch to cover your mistake. OH I know I made a mistake, but I would have GLADLY used the Extra Power crutch . . . if it was available!
  4. rdefonce

    Tough Choices KTM 200 XC-W VS 250 XC-W

    I had a 200, bought new in '06, my first KTM, kept until last year. Loved that bike most of the time. That said, there are situations where I got caught off-guard in the thick woods, not knowing a particularly steep/gnarly climb was right around the corner. My 200 almost pulled me up, but not quite, I was a gear too tall, in 3rd instead of 2nd, eventually stalled out - too low of RPM and no way I could downshift. And I'm a relative lightweight - 155 lbs. My 300 on the other hand, WILL NOT stall out in that situation.:-)
  5. rdefonce

    2016 KTM 2T "surprise"

    I just installed a 38mm Lectron on my 300 XC-W, I like it. FWIW I don't think it runs much different other than smoothing out the hit some. it might have a bit more top-end power, and runs smoother at low throttle. What I bought it for was to eliminate the need to constantly re-jet the Keihin carb for varying conditions.
  6. rdefonce

    Suspension question

    get your springs correct, then see if you need a re-valve. Easiest way is to set static sag per the manual, then see if rider sag is within correct range. Static sag is bike on ground with NO rider vs bike on stand. Rider sag is bike on ground WITH rider vs. bike on stand. if you have to pre-load the springs to get rider sag right, but static sag is too small, then you need to go up in spring rates. (if you have stock springs, they will be too light for 225lb rider.) the trick is to get the correct springs so that both Static sag and Rider sag are within limits
  7. rdefonce

    Boggy '15 300 XC-W

    But don't you have to re-jet if elevation and temperatures significantly change? That's what I hope to reduce the need for - with a metering rod carb.
  8. rdefonce

    Boggy '15 300 XC-W

    From reading your posts, it sounds like the stock '15 300 comes jetted on the rich side. I'm getting a new 300, and will be riding in colder temps at first (at low altitude), so hopefully the stock jetting will be good for break-in. That said, I have a Lectron carb ordered and on the way, to avoid having to mess with jetting and also to get better MPG. Time will tell how that works, but from what I've read it's the Hot Setup.:-)
  9. rdefonce

    Anyone runnig an APT or Lectron carb?

    I will do at least some short rides with stock setup, then switch to Lectron. For sure - I'll report out my experiences!
  10. rdefonce

    Anyone runnig an APT or Lectron carb?

    WARider525 - thanks alot, great write-up with pics! that gives me reassurance about the setup, and what I need to do. If this works well enough, I race post vintage MX ('81 YZ 465) that I just might convert over to Lectron.
  11. rdefonce

    Anyone runnig an APT or Lectron carb?

    my Lectron will be a 38mm, which may be slightly larger diameter than a 36mm . . . not sure though. Either way, good info, thank you!
  12. rdefonce

    Anyone runnig an APT or Lectron carb?

    good idea, I will ride with the stock carb first, then switch. (I should probably do that anyway just in case there's issues with the bike - so KTM can't blame it on the carb swap.) I figure it will be fine though but you just never know. so you did trim yours. thanks for trimming tips!
  13. rdefonce

    Anyone runnig an APT or Lectron carb?

    I dislike jetting so much that I bought the 38mm Lectron . . . and have not even picked up my 300xc-w yet..;-) Brysonsrs - just like you I ordered with throttle cable and rod tool. I may have to trim intake boot some, since its longer than the stock carb. Did you trim any on you 200?
  14. rdefonce

    KTM 300 w/ fmf gnarly

    If you would change my pilot and needle in 3 minutes, I would not trust it to be "right" since you rushed the job.;-) ha ha lol,
  15. rdefonce

    2013 YZ450 Offroad Setup

    I have the GYT-R FWW for my '10 (which should be the same for '13) - that helps. The Injectioneering throttle body mod might be the total hot setup off-road riding . . . I've read great things about that but haven't tried it yet.