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  1. megamoto

    Any Doctor Big's Out there?

    Go and have a look in my garage.......
  2. megamoto

    Chain maintenance

    Get a Scottoiler. It's the bees knees. My first chain lasted 6 years and 20 odd thousand miles.
  3. megamoto

    Tt-r 250?

    Go and have a look in 'My Garage'. We laced 2 DR 800 rear rims to OE hubs and fitted it with street tyres. Then a race can, new headlight, blue led bulbs (it was my 17 year old sons bike.....), bark busters, air box mods etc, etc.......
  4. megamoto

    Supermotos -- why do they exist?

    If you have to ask you will never understand. Just move on. See 'My Garage'.
  5. megamoto

    Bottom Line on Wheels for Motard

    I had my stock hubs re-laced to some rims. I paid about £100 for the rims and then had my local bike shop lace them to my hubs. I paid about £40 for the spokes and labour. It's in 'My Garage'.
  6. megamoto

    Small motard for street?

    Go and have a look at 'My Garage'. My sons Yamaha TT250R Motard is there. OE hubs with DR800 rear wheel rims. A 110 on the front and a 150 on the back. The rear looks bigger because we screwed up on the profile when we ordered the tires. The rear is now sha#ged so the replacement will be a 140/60/17. The bike is a hoot and the 'Chicken Strips' are down to 5mm and he claims to be able to get the pegs down........ I've given up watching, I'm his Dad so I worry........
  7. megamoto

    How far do you ride to work?

    400 miles round trip, at the weekends. I work near Kielder Forest and travel home to the folks in Shrewsbury, mostly along the M6 motorway but there's about 30 miles of A roads at each end to keep me sane. I can also now do it in one hit ( 24 ltr tank and a re-sculptured seat). My DR 800 sits at 80mph on the motorway with no probs and returnes around 50+ mpg - even with all the luggage. (See 'My garage'). P.S on a good day...three and a half hours.
  8. megamoto

    New Supermoto Specific Forum

    I'm in. looks good, I hope it developes well.
  9. megamoto

    Just finished my SM logo. Wha'do ya think?

    No 1 is better.
  10. megamoto

    Isle of Man TT '06

    Anyone going? I'm there Sat 3rd - Wed 7th. I'll be on the DR in 'my garage'.
  11. megamoto

    Isle of Man TT '06

    Anyone going? I'm there Saturday 3rd - Wednesday 7th.
  12. megamoto

    Heated Hand Grips

    In the UK we can get Oxford 'Hot hands'. A hand warmer you velcro around the grip. It takes about 20 mins to fit. If you have a couple of bikes then buy extra switches and wiring and you can swop them in about two mins. I've fitted them to my DR800, with a set of muffs I can use summer gloves all year round, infact at times they warm so well you have to switch them off. http://cgi.ebay.com/OXFORD-HOTHANDS-Heated-O-Grips-HOT-HANDS-Free-Comfy_W0QQitemZ8051754819QQcategoryZ25643QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://www.whitehorsepress.com/product_info.php?products_id=5281
  13. megamoto

    who has the picture of the DR with.....

    Not to sure but try this..... http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?cls=MCYCLE&pcode=BIKHLUTSF or this....... http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?cls=MCYCLE&pcode=BIKHLUVERBLK or this maybe...... http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?cls=MCYCLE&pcode=BHR3028BLK hope this helps
  14. megamoto

    What does your DR really weigh?

    My DR 800 Moto is 200Kg. Air Freight - Cyprus to England with half a tank of fuel and nothing in the panniers. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=12782 200Kg = 440Ibs