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  1. jdssoul

    Pics attached!!! Need your advice fellas

    Yup, that's exactly right So far I'm looking at having to shell out for a new top end, at least a set of valves and God knows if I'll have to get any work done on the head or need new springs, retainers, etc.
  2. jdssoul

    how much to get valves checked?

    Search TT, there's a step by step sticky with pics that guides you through the process, all you'll need is the spare shims (if you need to reshim) but it'll take you less than 20 mins (and save you $100) to check them yourself
  3. jdssoul

    Pics attached!!! Need your advice fellas

    No brass shavings via the oil filter, just some minuscule silver ones and very few at that. It would be sadly ironic if this was caused by the tensioner coz I was running the TT Manual Cam chain tensioner - gonna check the teeth on the ratchet and report back. Thanks fellas, the more feedback the more I get closer to figuring out what caused this
  4. jdssoul

    Pics attached!!! Need your advice fellas

    HarperF - regarding the lowend...Wiseco all the way but do you think it would be the fault of the professional mechanic who put her together in the first place? (just sayin') 2Stroke - I've had to re-introduce myself to premix...all good but 'gotdamn!' almost died coz I forgot what it felt like when the powerband hit! She was sitting pristine in the garage for about 7 years!!!!
  5. jdssoul

    Pics attached!!! Need your advice fellas

    Interesting...sorry about the type-o (Intakes not Exhausts) Looks like a set of new valves are in order, along with another freaking piston (3rd JE high compression one in less than a year!) I had gotten a RH full head but guess what...intakes exhausts got bent in less than 4 hours. It was all good just a couple weeks ago:
  6. So finally got around to taking her apart: Problem was that the kickstart seized up totally and only freed up after rocking bike back and forth. Anyway, when it happened I heard a clicking type noise and immediately pulled the clutch and rolled to a stop. I was able to get her in neutral and roll her to the pits (she could also be pushed whilst in gear with the clutch engaged). Did not try to bump start or anything stupid...just loaded up & headed home. Finally found the time to take her apart & this is what I noticed (any advice would be really appreciated). Oh, once the head was off there was no problem with the kickstarter going through its stroke so I'm inclined to believe that the bottom end is still intact. One more note - she only had about 8 hours on her with the brand new bottom and top end:banghead Timing off on the cam chain Top view of piston and looks like the Exhaust valves took some punishment: Side view of piston at TDC: View of the valves, not too clear but the Exhausts are not fully closed! Side view of the valves:
  7. jdssoul

    Anybody have crf250r wheels they want to sell?

    I have an extra full set, PM me your offer
  8. Anyone out there willing to help me get some contact info for a shop or dealer who carries DNA Spoke kits? I know you get what you pay for and I shoulda spent an extra $500 for a full set of Excels and peace of mind:banghead:
  9. jdssoul

    Is it seized?

    Surprisingly the valves are in the right specs (Right and Left Intakes are at .008 and both Exhausts are at .012). There were no copper, brass or metallic shavings in the oil or on the oil filter. I guess I'll pull the head and take a look but right now I'm stumped. Quick question, should the decompression mechanism on the cam be extremely loose? BTW - I really appreciate all your suggestions
  10. jdssoul

    Is it seized?

    Thanks so much!!! I've got her apart and will check the valves and report back.
  11. jdssoul

    Is it seized?

    Heard the engine go "clank, clank" a couple times when I landed off a jump; immediately pulled in the clutch and came to a complete stop. First thought it might've been the drive chain (if only I was so lucky) but when I went to kickstart her the kickstarter was completely frozen. I found neutral and pushed her back to the pits and my day was done. Prior to this she had no problem starting (one or two kicks max) and I had recently put in a brand new bottom and top end (roughly a total of only 8 hours). I did manage to rock her back and forth in gear and the kickstarter freed up but would lockup after being pushed down (by hand) and return to the natural position. I drained all oils and did not find any copper or extensive metallic particles in the oil filter. I did notice that the decompression mechanism on the cam seemed extremely loose but could this be causing the kickstarter to freeze? It also looked like she was getting enough oil and there had been no leaks (I had changed my oil at the track about 30 mins before the engine 'seized' on me). Any recommendations? I can attach pics if you guys think it'll be helpful
  12. jdssoul

    Aftermarket Suspension

    Factory Connection all the way
  13. jdssoul

    Help Clarify some of my questions

    Don't know about Yoshi firsthand but I've rocked the FMF full system and ProCircuit exhausts on my '04 separately; fmf for lowend torque with a 13/53 sprocket combo. But there's really no comparison in power delivery between a 450 and 250...go bigbore or introduce yourself to the '10 ktm 350....???
  14. jdssoul

    Where can I get these?

    Thanks Charlie, appreciate the response! It was kinda a rookie question, so my bad...actually wanted to know if I could simply get the entire lowend gasket kit w/o having to pull part numbers individually.
  15. jdssoul

    Help Clarify some of my questions

    Dude - mine didn't bog and was easy enough to start so I didn't F with the AP mod; why put on duals when you've had factory teams get rid of them for the singles? As long as you're descent on the bike, don't give into the 'I need duals coz my bike will look newer' in that case might as well go out and buy a white rear fender and see how fast you go. Stage 2 cams will get you what you're looking for, or you could settle for a descent pipe; but if you riding GNCCs or WORCS type racing, get back on the two stroke...IMO