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  1. Thanks Dr. Mark. I may have made the wrong assumption about Dr. Clare since he is an associate doctor of Dr. Roy Sanders whom every one says is one of the best. Maybe I need to seek the opinion of Dr. Sanders and see if he agrees with you about the internal fixation. I have been assuming that Dr. Clare must be the best too since they are associates. Maybe my assumption is wrong.
  2. Thanks Dr. Mark, not a very good outlook at all but I appreciate your honesty. I believe Dr. Clare is planning internal fixations ( ie a plate ) instead of the ex-fix but the plan is still the same with the bone graft after the IV anti-biotics. As you can imagine I am not able to function normally with the x-fix on... I can't wear pants over it.. so its affecting my ability to go to work and my career.
  3. Of course a fused ankle will be worse. Dr. Clare has never even mentioned the fact that it could be fused. Dr. Mark if after the six weeks of anti-biotics and a bone graft Dr. Clare cuts away the "capsule" on my ankle joint to get some range of motion back whats your prognosis of how much movement I will get back after almost 1 year of being immobilized?
  4. Holy Crap Dr. Mark.... keep the x-fix on for 3 months? I already have like 0 degrees of mobility in my ankle now... after 3 months I will never walk normal again... my ankle would have been immobile for 10 months.
  5. I hear ya. But if I have to wear this x-fix for another 4 weeks I think I may end of taking my own life! For the last 6 months I have had no life!
  6. Dr. Mark, I just had my follow up with Dr. Michael Clare and he said in the past 16 days they haven't found any infection and everything is looking normal so he is recommending stopping anti-biotics and going for the bone graft surgery we originally intended to do on dec. 3rd. But before doing so he wanted me to meet with the infectious disease doctors to see if they agreed. Well they didn't agree that I should stop the anti-biotics but they also said that they won't prevent the doctor from doing the surgery. The infectious disease doctor said they aren't finding any infections from germs etc. but my white blood cell count is still showing signs of an acute inflamation. Dr. Mark what the hell is going on? I don't have an infection but nothing is healing. If Dr. Clare does a bone graft is it possible that it won't work? Could it be all for nothing? Thanks for the advice...
  7. I sure hope so! I appreciate your input Dr. Mark. This has been a long 5 months and an even longer recovery thats not over yet.
  8. Dr. Mark, yes thats me. Dr. Roy Sanders and Dr. Michael Clare from the Florida Orthopedic Institute are my surgeons. I appreciate your feedback. I am just pissed that ever since September/October I have had symptoms of an infection that they knew about but they never tested me for until I decided to do the bone graft. I don't understand why it wasn't obvious that I had a bone infection... I had red irritated swollen skin and my bone wasn't healing. I should have been put on the IV antibiotics back in October. Now I am almost back to square one!
  9. They took cultures ( samples ) of the area and have the infectious disease doctors trying to determine the infection. At this point they don't know what infection I have. I am on IV anti-biotics for the next 6 weeks. I believe its Vancomiacin and Invanz. What other options did I have? When you say this wouldn't have been your plan? What else could have been done? How do my xrays look? Will the bone heal on its own? Or do I still need a bone graft?
  10. Dr. Mark, I am sure you remember me and my broken tib/fib. Well, I took your advice and decide to not put off the inevitable and have the bone graft done. So I went to surgery on Monday 12/3. When I got to pre-op Dr. Clare told me that my white blood cell count on my labs showed high numbers (4.7)indicating that my body is fighting an infection. So once he gets into my ankle he said if they see that your body is fighting an infection they may have to just button me back up, put me on antibiotics to kill the infection then come back again for the bone graft and cutting of the capsule in my joint. So off I went to surgery. When I woke up I was quite surprised to find out they removed all of my hardware on my tibia and left the plate on my fibula. Now that wouldn't be so bad except the fact that he put back on my external fixator. Besides that fact that I am extremely frustrated that after 5 months of healing.. I am now literally back to square one with a fixator on my leg. So far I have gotten completely conflicting and incorrect information from the doctors associates. They told me the fixator would be on for 2-3 weeks then they would put the hardware back in, but they also told me it would take 6 weeks to kill the infection. And they removed the hardware from my tibia because they won't be able to kill the infection with the hardware in, but yet the hardware isn't responsible for the infection... I am so confused... that makes no sense. Dr. Mark what is up with this?? Is the infection in my bone? Will they be able to kill it? Will my bone start healing once the infection is gone? Will I be able to avoid doing a bone graft?? Also, how bad does my xray look? Does it look like I am far from being healed? I only see a small area of deformity... the rest looks pretty good to my non-medically educated eye.
  11. At that time I was already in so much pain I probably wouldn't have cared if he did the bone graft. But now after 4 months of recovery the last thing I want to do is go back to square one. I am waiting another month to see if the bone heals some more.
  12. Tonyb878, your xray looks exactly like mine.. same hardware everything!! I am still healing at its been 4 months since my last surgery! Hope your healing goes way better than mine!! Dr. wants to open me up again and do a bone graft!! Ouch!!
  13. Dr. Mark I looked at some bone pics on the web. I believe the bone that isn't filling in is called the Cancellous bone ( spongey bone ). The Epiphysis ( edges ) are all looking good.
  14. Thanks thats encouraging. Doesn't the bone in your hip have to heal now as well? I would think it feels like you broke your hip... I am all for removing some of the plates and cutting the scare tissue so I get motion back in my ankle. But the procedure to chip out a part of my hip bone sounds awefully painfull. Dr. Mark unfortunately they haven't been giving me copies of my xrays lately. The area that isn't healing is the middle portion of the bone just below the bone core ( I know there is a technical term for this but I don't know it ) and the edges of the bone. The edges above the ankle joint and all along the edges looks good. Just the middle areas aren't filling in. So I don't know if that is hard bone or the softer bone filler you referred to.
  15. Dr. Mark, I posted my x-rays back in June/July from my broken tibia/fibula. I live in Tampa, Florida and had Dr. Claire and Dr. Sanders performed my surgeries. I am now at the 5 month mark and am still experiencing some pain when I do full weight bearing. At last months visit the Dr. told me to take weight off cause the x-rays were showing that the bone still wasn't healed and one of the screws was actually backing out. I also was given an ultra-sonic bone stimulator to assist the bone growth. My visit today showed very little improvement. The spot where the screw is backing out is still red and tender and the site for most of the pain when I put weight on it. The Dr. today recommended another surgery. For one my range of motion is horrible since I haven't been able to push the ankle at all since the bone isn't healed and it is painful. He is also recommending a bone graft to take bone from my hip to insert into the ankle areas that aren't filling in. Plus of course since he is in there he said he can remove the plates in the front and possibly back. And he can cut some of the scar tissue that has formed on my ankle to gain some range of motion back. My question is how freakin painful is a bone graft? I have read that the doner site ( my hip ) will be very painful. Essentially, they will chip out a chunk of my bone to get to the softer bone ( I think ). Is this my only option? Is there any other viable option? Artificial bone? Or BMP? Unfortunately I have read the bone graft is more painful at the doner site ( my hip ) and can last as long as 2 years. Dr. Mark what would you recommend? I want the plates out and I want my range of motion back. At this point I still can't even walk so I am very concerned about getting my motion back.