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  1. Looks nice. I need to try one sometime. Just out of curiosity , whats the seat height ? Anymore the arthritis in my hip makes it harder and harder to swing my leg over the KTM.
  2. sndmn2

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    Thank you for that info. I recently bought some 10 quarts of Dominator for $7 a quart. I was using either Motorex ( when by a shop that sells it) and Sabre from a local hardware store. It looks as though Motorex has a flashpoint of 230 , Sabre 356 and the Dominator at 201. Which is fine for me as I'm not very often if ever on the pipe. 2nd n 3rd gear single track rider. I do have spooge with the Sabre. I never really correlated spooge with flashpoint. Good thread.
  3. sndmn2

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    Anything in a pinch. There are a couple videos like this on YT. Cant say I have ever tried it.
  4. Most any waterproof grease. I change out every year. I use Bellray.
  5. We use to go once in while and camp in the field at Peet Rd and Maggee.. This summer sounds like a good time to revisit. Like I said, Its been a long time since I have been there. My usual rides are Evart, Long Lake, Lincoln Hills , the connector from Lincoln to the B bench ,( we have little piece of property centrally located in that area. Hunt Creek area and wherever Six Days takes us as our group sponsors one day. We have Drummond this year. Its always a fun trip . Lets see a picture of that 300 Beta.
  6. Im familiar with it. I guess my question is have they made changes or any reroutes in the last few years ?
  7. I haven't been on Wolverine in 5-7 years. Has it changed much? I just don't remember it like everyone is talking. Guess I need to take a road trip.
  8. sndmn2

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Its been a couple years since I rode an enduro. But there pretty much becoming non time keepers, Just go as fast as can between point A and point B. The KnuckleBuster was a time keeper but its not running at this time. I believe the FES is still run as a timekeeper. I have to do a couple this year. Its on my over 60 bucket list. The last I knew you get the roll chart when you sign in but dont quote me on that.
  9. sndmn2

    Best 2 stroke oil backpack recipient in oz.

    If needed I use those little 2 stroke oil bottles that my Stihl oil comes in.
  10. 2012 250xcw... 160 hours on the bike. I have run Rotella T4 Diesel, Motorex, but mostly Valvoline ATF. occasionally other things here and there. For me, for sure the smoothest easiest shifting is with the ATF. I do change at about 5-7 hour intervals. A weekend ride for me is about 3 hours. So I change every couple of rides . I checked my clutch plates the other day and they specked out like new. Single track riding. My 4strokes usually get Rotella T4 SYN. Every time I ride its about a 400 mile round trip. A $9 oil change and a new $2 plug every ride or so is the least of my expenses.
  11. sndmn2


    I didnt read everything in this thread so if my question is redundant I apologize. Can you pinch off the oil injection and just add your oil to the mix. ?
  12. sndmn2

    wp shock

    ...confident I can take one apart and put back together but I will have to take it in for the oil and gas..
  13. sndmn2

    wp shock

    ..who's rebuild kit do you recommend ?
  14. sndmn2

    wp shock

    160 hours...60 year old c rider..single track only..lots of whoops..its MI.