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  1. MotocrossJunkie

    New SSR 70

    I can't seem to find anything missing so I will just chalk it up as an extra. Thanks for the reply Vince (jr).
  2. MotocrossJunkie

    Lets See Your Pit Bikes! Post Your Pics Here

    Only a few days old...
  3. MotocrossJunkie

    New SSR 70

    So I just got a new SSR70. I ride a crf450, but man... I am more excited about jumping on this little beast than my 450! Pulling it out of the crate and setup was a piece of cake. Here is my problem... In the bag with the gas cap was an extra nut. I am unsure what it is for? Any ideas?
  4. MotocrossJunkie

    Larger than life

    It really depends on what you want to do? I have had a CRF450 since 2003 and it is bulletproof. If you want to race motocross or do some serious trail riding it would do more than you could ever handle. If you want to just put around and have a blast, then get a pit bike. I do believe there is less chance for injury on a pitbike (disclaimer: they can still hurt you), but I am getting one for both myself and my son so we can bounce around together. IMO if your not a serious racer this is the way to go... if you get serious fork out the dough for a 450.
  5. MotocrossJunkie

    Alpinestars Tech 10'S for B-day!

    I can move my toes, so I must be good. You are the second person to tell me to change to the soft torsion bars so I am going to take your advice. Thank you very much for your comments.
  6. MotocrossJunkie

    Alpinestars Tech 10'S for B-day!

    That is too funny... I don't know what is better, the fact that you said yo, yo, yo, or the fact that you think you are going to roost me at MY HOME TRACK!!!! ha ha ha. I have eaten way too many stone spray sandwiches at YOUR home track, but tomorrow is MY DAY!!!! Get your parking tickets pre-paid for because you might be parking only too often... I just hope there are no dirt naps involved.... he he he
  7. MotocrossJunkie

    Alpinestars Tech 10'S for B-day!

    I did see the softer torsion bars and was going to try that out during my first ride this weekend. I thought I would get some feedback to see if this was normal seeing they are brand new and not broken in yet. If I take the bootie completely out it does not dig into my ankle with the stiff bars, so that is why I assumed they just need breaking in. Do they run big or small? I wear a size 12 and my wife got me a size 12. They are pretty snug, and I was just wondering if I should get a size 13? Thank you very much for your comments.
  8. Tech 10's Digging into ankles?red My WONDERFUL wife just got me some Tech 10's for my birthday. I am absolutely thrilled. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has Tech 10's. I put them on last night and the inner bootie kind of digs into my ankle. I am wondering if this is something that will go away as they break in? It is nice having the lateral support on the inside. I was looking at the Sidi Force and Garne SG10 because I thought they were the only ones with that support. Not the case, it is just that the Tech 10's have it inside. Sorry to blab... I am still just surprised. So if anyone could tell me there experience I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time in advance.