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    Road racing style track days in my Datsun 510, dirt bikes...
  1. Johnnyaggro

    08-09 XC4 mileage hrs

    122 hrs 3724 miles. Second valve check over due, I expect to shim them this time. 2008 450 excr. New dirt tricks cam tensioner is in the mail. Mine is noisey up top...
  2. Johnnyaggro

    HELP: 2009 KTM 400 XCW vs 450 XCW vs 530 XCW?

    You didn't mention your size, but I am 230 lbs dry and I ride the 2008 450 exc-r, rejetted, uncorked and geared down to 14-52. I went shorter stroke based on my buddy's love of his 2007 400 exc and the lighter feel theory. He is much lighter than me at 180-190 but his 400 rips. Kills mine on gas milage too. My 450 is super tamed and crawls awesome in the tight stuff. But with my weight and always riding in altitude, I ponder the 530 alot lately. It is "only" a 510 though. I need to ride one. If you are smaller dude, you won't regret the 400, I'd bet. Hmm, but it won't have a plate
  3. Yup, confirmed, I tried it the other way, and no-go But, but it sure appeared it would, and I assumed it would...I never recall worrying so much with my 2-strokes. I dread pulling the carb back out on these dual-sport pee shooters....
  4. Johnnyaggro

    Over the boot or under the boot

    In the boot pants felt cooler to me as far as air flow across the shin area. Just my observation after switching over after several months of over boot pant wearing. Pockets on over boots rules!
  5. I'm wondering if it matters which way to install the slide/slide hole, as in front or rear of the needle for the enlarged hole I drilled out? This a plastic slide and it seems to not matter which way you install it. There is no hole on the front/rear side of the slide.... FWIW, I installed the full Muzzys system for the KLX 300 and the dyno-jet kit for the klx 300 as well, onto the 09' klx 250. keeping stock pilot jet, fuel screw 2.5 turns out, 128 main, and needle clip 3rd from top, and installed both supplied spacers on top of the needle clip, since stock it didn't have the so called brass spacer, it appeared to have the spacer built onto the stock needle. Also curious why 3rd position on needle clip for aftermarket pipe {leaner} compared to 4th position if you modded just the end cap on the stock exhaust? Altitude ridden will be mostly 0-3000. Am I in the ballpark? Oh ya, the main jet appearance wasn't exactly identicle either, had a tad extra length on it. Jeeze, stuff to make me paranoid. Thanks Eddie and TT
  6. Johnnyaggro

    acerbis 3.4 gal tank and '08 530 EXC.

    The threads for the petcock were like butter on mine, and using the stockers{petcock bolts} as per the instructions was no go too. Too short...Love the tank though!
  7. Johnnyaggro

    arrowhead trip this weekend july27th

    I'll be camping at Crap Flats camp ground from Friday until Monday AM, if you make it that far, stop in. I ride a 2008 KTM 450 EXCR, burgundy red toyota tacoma truck and rusted/white trailer kids have a white LTZ 400 quad. I think 1w17 is right near there and is a little bit challenging...
  8. Johnnyaggro

    2008 EXCR oil filter???

    Ok, no go on that link. Is there a round hole perforated screen cover that goes on the oil filter? When you change oil on the 2008, the new filter comes ready to go, right, or did I throw away the cover I am speaking of at the first oil change?
  9. Just curious, what is wrapped around this filter in this picture? I don't recall my original 2008 EXCR oil filter having this. Or did it and I tossed it in error? https://www.**************/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=K&Product_Code=57-0400&Category_Code=NEWPROD
  10. Johnnyaggro

    08 EXC headlight mods

    I installed the PMXTEC upgrade, and it's not that impressive. Better than stock 2008 EXCR for sure. No hi low, just a single filament 55w I think.
  11. Johnnyaggro

    Handguard recommendation

    Do a search, there is a decent hand guard thread a few weeks back, with pics. I chose the fastway universal kit for my 2008 excr. The right bar clamp/guard mount blocks out your green turn sig flash indicator light though. Hand guards rock for the crap I ride through!
  12. Johnnyaggro

    530 exc horn location

    Since you asked, I want the itty bitty horn to be LOUD and behind the front shroud. Actually my DRZ horn was decent, but it was in the stock location. It's quite useful when your lead riders are about to miss a turn off etc. and an ambulance of all things started coming over on me on the street one time on the DRZ at night Watch those high desert ambulances man, they over work those good people.
  13. Johnnyaggro

    I have a Question about an 09 KLX250S!!!

    Keeping it under 4000 rpm's! The rings will never seat, and you'll quite possibly have an oil burning slug. Load the rings, as in lots of throttle, no sustained high RPM's. It's the 1st few rides that count DSFox, and I took yours for a spin down the railroad tracks, so your good . Of course I never break my bikes in with the CARB jetting. Way lean! CARB = Communist air resource board
  14. Johnnyaggro

    530 exc horn location

    It won't sound good there if your honking during a water crossing:prof: Mine is behind the headlight too. But it isn't loud enough there...
  15. Johnnyaggro

    ktm oil

    I heard that too, years ago, penz has parafin {wax}? Maybe that is why the bottle is yellow