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  1. Hi to all and happy new year .I was wondering about the zupin camshaft for the dual with code tu-125.Does it fit on TE410E 2000 model?I read on another post that its useless unless you uprate the cdi as well.How true is that?I allready have a free flow exhaust.Thanks alot.
  2. Hello i am trying to find where the mesh (bag) filters are ,but with no luck.I 've seen where they are on the manual but when i try to look them up on the bike ,i can't.Are they behind something else that has to come off?My bike is a 2000 TE410E.Thank's
  3. Hi guys, i have the 410E 2000 model.The manual says 2 lt oil but the dealer told me 1.6 (i am not certain if that is with filter change or not).Question:I put 2 lt with new filter and the level as seen through the window is way above the two notches, even though i spilled some out ,about 100cc.How accurate is the oil level as seen through the glass window?
  4. Thanks a lot for that.I 'll give it a shot and keep you posted.
  5. Thanks for that info norman.I read somewhere that it you go more than 2 turns out on the air fuel screw then you need re jetting.How true is that and how many turns is your bike at?I am at 2 turns out at the moment and i think its running lean because 1.the motor gets hotter 2.the exhaust pops a lot when deaccelerating 3.its not that kean on accelerating when in 6th gear.What do you think?
  6. I wish i could, i live in Athens Greece(we hosted the last olympics).The altitude is near sea level and the temp approx. 14 degrees celcium.I forgot to mention that when i deaccelerate the exhaust pops alot. By the way in the dellorto carb the idle screw tempers with the air and the air fuel screw with the gas?If i can sort these things out maybe i'll move in the right direction.Have all of you set up the mixture using gas analyzers in the shop or just by hearing the bike run?Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hi to all.I own a TE410E 2000 model.I recently changed the 2 silencers with one coming from the TC.I did the procedure where you run full throttle and open the choke to see wether it needs re jetting.From my experience it didnt.I use the 7 plug as it states in the manual but my dealer told me to use the 8 which in the manual is for racing use.I adjusted the idle and air fuel ratio just by hearing the bike and i have the air fuel screw 2 turns out.Turning it out leaners the mixture, right?I have observed the following.I think it gets hotter which could indicate lean mixture?Also by smelling the exhaust gas i would probably say lean.The bike uses the dellorto carb which i recently stripped and thoroughly cleaned.It revs up willingly but with 6th gear it isnt that willing to continue.My valves are up to specs as the dealer did the valve job.It starts fine both cold and hot.I am trying to set it up as fine as i can without having to go to the shop and use the exhaust gas analyzer.I love my husky and i would appreciate it if you guys shared your views.Thanks.