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  1. So the bike is an 07 rmz 250 and I found this on ebay... http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Suzuki-rmZ250-cdi-wiring-harness-kill-switch-rmz-off-running-bike-clean-/121875889058?hash=item1c605e7ba2:g:r1IAAOSwA4dWMTTN&vxp=mtr No need to get into it too much but been having electrical issues for awhile and im wondering if its possible to swap the cdi from an 08 to an 07 rmz 250 and if by any chance anyone knows if theres a difference in the mapping, timing etc.. from an 08 compared to the 07. Any information is greatly appricated thanks guys, Kevin.
  2. Alright gentlemen. I'm sure many of you are much more knowledgeable about this so I figured I would maybe get some feedback. Firstly the bike is a 2007 rmz 250. Im thinking about swapping the carb to the 2008-2009 carb as they did some mod's do it. Basically just gaining some more at the high end range while supposedly maintaining the bottom end. Which is good the 07 falls off at the top pretty much. Ive also read about people swapping ktm carbs to the jap bikes and having pretty good success. I'm interested in gaining some more information on that idea if anyone is familiar in the area. So what do you guys think good idea? P.S bike is mostly stock as of now with complete new top end to include valve train. soon; mega bomb, custom cams or maybe hot cams but prob not HC, quick shot 3 depending on carb, new cdi maps(need to find someone hint hint), hinson clutch maybe slipper idk etc... Edit: im also completely open to swapping everything to EFI. and blah blah we know its not worth it just buy a new bike... I will buy a new bike but not a 250 this is going to be my fun, mod, work on, and whip upside down bike.
  3. Counted 8 spots worn can this cause the problem ?
  4. Testing complete. Extremely low voltage output. Only visuals I can find are some spots looks like rubbing.
  5. Alright so we narrowed it down more more than likely an electrical issue. What's your guess? Ill pop a new plug in it which it already has. I know nothing I grounding out.
  6. Alright thanks for the info will. The bike is wide open at all times out of the corners and im feathering the clutch. I am running the o-ring chain on it because it my play bike and I don't really care to adjust every time I ride. Im thinking I may need a larger leak jet also considering on exit of corners the bike cuts out. For some reason the go pro doesn't pick the sound up well. If you listen its hitting the rev limiter all the time... another issue is at high rpms the bike cuts out on top. I agree with the electrical although the jetting is off. The needle is perfect. It pulls great 1/2 to 3/4. Issue is down low and up high. It's a 2007 rmz 250. that is ride number 6 on the new top end and complete valve train rebuild. Another hint that my help is the bike a the start of the day run's better then later on after riding and its up to operating temp. At operating temp pulling the choke makes it run worse, engaging the hot start makes it run worse, To my knowledge this is good. Im thinking larger leak jet on top its slightly lean so slightly larger main jet. electrical wise I will have to start diagnosing. Obviously we have some issues if you think its 1/2 throttle... LOL
  7. Alright gent's I'm posting this in the jetting section as I believe this is jetting related. Fully rebuilt engine just cant get the jets right. Could be the Colorado temp changes but this is getting old. I'm on the verge of tossing it and going fuel injection. Below is a short video of a few laps at a local area. As you might see the bike completely stalls out at one point. Any suggestions or hunches are very appricated thanks. Kevin https://youtu.be/BL7D1myl2HI
  8. Hey Palmer I'm worried about the pc on the covers too since boot wear happens so fast but I figured it's not a big deal because I can 're coat them very quickly and easily. Believe it or not the grey on the cases and head isn't the metal it Is high temp silver pc
  9. Thanks man just waiting until tomorrow morning to pick up the frame and she's going together
  10. Nearly finished engine, various parts
  11. Cutting the outline for the skid plate
  12. Working on a custom aluminum skid plate... Had a scrap sign cut it up and put it together with some aluminum alloy brazing rods. Looks rough but it'll be nice once it's cleaned up. Just waiting to get the frame from the powder shop and ill finish the plate. Blasting the frame
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