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  1. You might check here too: bikebandit.com go the the Yamaha section. Parts for bikes back to the '60's.
  2. I have the SM wheel set from Wheeling. I like it so far, but I haven't gotten enough miles on them to really form a good opinion. I think its going to be a lot better on the street. I went withe the stock WRR rotor size for the SM set so the wheel change is quick and painless. I did have to slightly modify the right fork protector so it did not rub on the tire. I had to do the same to the chain guard for the rear tire, but both mods were simply removing a little bit of plastic. I think having the two wheel sets is going to be great for this bike.
  3. In my opinion you will notice a difference. Its not going to blow your doors off, but the bike seems to just run and perform better. I'm glad I got mine.
  4. With the 12 tooth front sprocket I noticed an improvement in snap or torque. However it did not eliminate the off-idle stumble/hesitation. I installed the FMF programmer and after one 15 mile ride the off-idle stumble is gone. I have no other performance mods (except SM wheel set). I will be playing with the programmer to see if I can obtain additional performance gains. I'm happy with the programmer after one ride. Don't mount it near the air box if you want to make adjustments. I mounted mine off the top of the handle bar clamps so its easy to adjust "on the fly".
  5. Yeah I'd be interested in a shop/repair manual too. What's out there?
  6. I went with a 110/70-17 front and a 150/60-17 rear. did you get the black hubs too? What rear sprocket are you going to run for the SM set? And does anyone have any tire mounting tips for black rims? All of my experience mounting tires has been on dirt bikes so there was no concern of scratching the paint on the rims.
  7. It sounds like Wheeling has good customer service. I hope it works out for you. Let us know when you get the wheel back. I can't wait to get my SM wheel set.
  8. I just ordered a SM wheel set from Wheeling for my WRR. I'm very interested to in the outcome of your issue. Please keep us up to date on this. Thanks.
  9. It would seem that keeping the stock 250mm rotor (R model) would make the transition from R to X wheel sets a little less complicated. Has that been considered or is the larger rotor for a "true" supermoto setup necessary? Just wondering since the 250mm rotor on my R seems to work fine for the street for me (just my opinion, others will vary). If the stock 250mm rotor was used it seems the only issue would be adapting the stock R hub to an X wheel or is that where the secret lies? Thanks.
  10. Paid $6150 OTD at Malott's in Manteca, CA...but it was their last one. Bought it about 3-4 weeks ago.