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    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    Can't get any info but Trackmaster texts "8x beat 2x"... I lost the bet on this one..

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    As of 10:00pm 2x is about an hour ahead of 8x due to a yard sale Miles had over the summit.. Heard those headlights were the bomb....

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    As of 5:45 Team 8x was at RM 322 which is only 245 miles behind the leaders 1x and 11x.. The Trophy Trucks are only 45 miles behind Team 8x.. These boys have a long night ahead of them.. But it is my understanding they have one of those prototype specialty lights from Trackmaster and it is preforming brilliantly..

    Baja with Trackmasters -- picture report

    Trav, I'm pretty sure we were told not to post any of those pics on the web.. Well I guess if I am going to end up in a mexican prision I might as well take a friend...

    Northwest Baja Team 5x...My story

    Hey Cliff nice job so far... How about a little video of me eating some of your humble pie.... I think you know which part of the pre run I am talking about, hope it turned out... Again great job!!!!

    Dual Sport Ride in Vancouver

    Inside Joke Trackmaster, the real issue is I hate to be right all the time.. especially at your expense... If you want to put on an event and want good weather, as I always say it will rain until July 5th.. Plan your event after that then you are guaranteed to have nice weather.. Both days this weekend are going to be nice... The only day it has rained in two weeks was the day of your event... Fact is I think you should start calling it the "Schleprock" dual sport event as it has rained both times you have tried this thing...

    Dual Sport Ride in Vancouver

    Hey Trackmaster, what are your thoughts on having a "Do Over" event this weekend.. The weather is looking like no rain either day.. There are some great views that pictures don't give justice..
  8. For those who care were some of these pic are from our rides near Vegas, The goat trail stuff is in Nelson Hills, The rock formation is Valley of Fire, and some others are near Apex. But that is all I am going to say, the exact trails, well I could tell you but then BBA would have to hunt you down and, well you know.... Once a poacher always a hucker....

    Douche' Bag Sunday Ride (What an adventure!)

    I refuse to conform to day light saving time... what does that tell you about our rides....

    Douche' Bag Sunday Ride (What an adventure!)

    There is no way to get lost as long as the sun is up and you know what time it is... Hour hand points to the sun half the distance to 12 noon will be North... That is right rollie we don't need no stinking maps just ride until you have 1/2 tank of gas or less, and then work your way back... Like BBA says being lost is a state of mind.... Very seldom can you ride to another state... Think about it.... See TM there is some useful info right here....
  11. Been back for 12 days now... Haven't seen the sun since Vegas.. Working with Trackmaster on a Baja ride in March, think that is as soon a I will see the desert again.. I go back to these ride posts to re-live the experience, it somehow gives my life some kind of meaning on shitty days like today. (kinda like getting a "shitty ass start" did Reed really say that). The fact is I have met my closest friends while dirt bike riding... Most of my top 10 memories have involved a dirt bike.. (both good and BAD memories!!!!) So with that said, there are few people I would rather follow off into who knows where, or who knows what. BBA thanks for the memory. You are truly a Bad Ass, and if you can ever get to the NW I have an extra bike, and a place for you and yours to stay. I am sure Catworks and I could come up with a ride or two that would even make BBA's ass pucker. (no I am not talking about Chapstick) Thanks again for everything It was truly epic... As we say here in the NW "One of the best riding days ever"... Oh, there was no photoshoping done to this pic. BBA really is that short. All the real good riders are short. Look at Carmichael he took his Christmas elf suit off and came out from under a his bidge to do suppercross last weekend..... They really should of gave him a box to stand on... Always looks funny when you put the short guy in the middle... BBA looks like he belongs on the end though doesn't he....

    Douche' Bag Sunday Ride (What an adventure!)

    Hey, Catworks can I give you a word of advice. Anytime you get a shirt from Trackmaster and you don't have to pay for it to support some Baja event TM wants to ride in, you better wash it before you put it on. You never know if TM is useing it to clean up after rubbing one out while watching "On Any Sunday" for the 700th+ time.

    Douche' Bag Sunday Ride (What an adventure!)

    gw^^ Trackmaster that is a perfect animation of GeeDub's a**.... How about the real thing...

    Douche' Bag Sunday Ride (What an adventure!)

    Hey Rollie, how come you didn't ask me to go with you.... I would of went you guys over Larry Darrol and Darrol......
  15. This is a representation of trying to pack it in......