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  1. my dad has one on his klx 300 and its real loud if u dont turn the screw
  2. im 14 and have a crf 250 and its awesome, if you really want a pipe and dont mind paying like $450 which is a lot cheaper than most full exhaust systems I would get a Dr. D exhaust. That's what I got on my bike it's gotten great reviews in magazine they say its the best pipe on a crf 250 for the money. the 250's got plenty of power
  3. simple green is the best spray the bike, spray simple green on wait 5-10 minutes and spray again do what you want from there
  4. keep the frikin bike there that 250f is so much more fun than a blaster
  5. honda/one industries/alpinestars
  6. I used to race my cr 85 in enduros and it worked great. Then I went and raced motocross and it worked great also. It's more about the rider than the bike though because my friend did the same thing as me with a kx in motocross and beat me, but he is more experienced and has been racing for 10 yrs compared to me 3
  7. im 5'9" and race a crf 250. I think your friend should get a bigger bike cause the xr is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to small and underpowered. I think he's just jealous
  8. My number is 114 i picked this because my b-day is 7-16-91, I just added those #'s together.
  9. If your looking for more power definetly go with the crf.
  10. I like the 250f's but I would get him a 125 if he doesn't like the 4 strokes. The 250's produce a lot of power I would have him test them both out if possible.
  11. im 14 and am 5'9 125-130lbs and have a crf 250 I can handle it good and go fast but it depends on his riding ability and how comfortable he would feel on it. A 125 2 stroke may be good for him. Either way it will probably be hard to manuever with because of his height and weight. Even though im about 4 inches taller than him I can barely toich flat footed. I have a friend about his size that just got a kxf 250 hes about 5'5''-5'6'' its kind of hard for him to touch. Your friend should test the bikes out if he can and see what he likes.
  12. Nickleback and Disturbed, Headstrong, staind