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  1. JRinTX

    Building a new 50.

    A new motor? Why? What kind?
  2. JRinTX

    Never Buy A Knockoff Bike

    I think that the first problem to address is your lack of respect. At least you have a Dad and he cares enough to spend 1000.00 bucks. Maybe he regrets the purchase also (based on the quality of the bike and the lack of respect from his son) but perhaps this could be a learning experience and you can gain some mechanical knowledge. Almost all problems can be solved with a little work. I checked your profile and I guess your "occupation" may be an indicator of your attitude. "mooching of my parents". The two things that most kids need today are respect for adults and each other, and willingness to accept responsibilty. Take on those problems that your bike has, fix them, upgrade the weaknesses and I promise you will enjoy riding it even more because you will know that you have improved it! Just my two cents as a Dad of two boys. Now I will get off my soap box.
  3. JRinTX

    2005 CRF-70 125cc Engine 4 speed Trans

    I would go with the TB 88cc kit with the race head. I installed one on a 50 and the power is amazing. Supposed to be over 8 hp. That is more than the stock 125cc Chinese engines. I have compared it to a 110cc and there is a very noticable difference is power! Plus, you will have the 3 speed auto trans, a Honda engine and the TrailBikes stuff is top quality. I think the Chinese engines are a good deal for the money, but the TB kit is really good stuff. Just my opinion....
  4. I am building a "new" 50 for my younger son. I have bought an aftermarket gas tank. But, no screws to hold the plastic to the tank. It has the brass nuts molded into the tank, but no screws. Do I have to go to Honda, or is there somewhere else? Or has anyone figured out a work around? These are special because of the large head and the shoulder. Thanks!
  5. JRinTX

    CRF70 Swingarm for CRF50

    There was a post just like this a week or so back. In that post I explained what I did to modify the 70 swingarm to fit a 50. Hope this helps!
  6. JRinTX

    TB 88 big bore any good?

    I bought the TB 88cc big bore kit w/ race head, a high volume oil pump and the manual clutch kit. I installed it all about a month ago. Great kit, complete with everything you need. Runs great, lots of power! Very happy. Honda Trailbikes are good people to do business with. Planning on doing a xr70 engine next.
  7. JRinTX

    crf70 swingarm on a 50

    The brake assembly will not interchange between the 70 and the 50. What I did was grind the pin off the 70 swingarm ( just to make it look better), then drilled a 1/2 " hole in the correct position for the 50 brake hub. Use the original 50 swingarm to locate the correct position for the pin in relation to the axle slot. Next, I used a 1/2" rod, inserted thru the hole and welded on the outside of the swingarm. Cut pin to the correct length and grind two small flats (top and bottom of pin) to just fit into the slot on the 50 brake hub. The slot is just a little less than 1/2" wide. Seems to be working great. I also ground the chain guard mounting tab off and then repainted the 70 swingarm.
  8. What's the problem with using a gas tank vent? It's only about $7.00. It's billet aluminum and fits the hose.
  9. I have replaced the airbox on my son's xr50 with an aftermarket unit. Will a gas tank vent work on the crankcase for a filter/vent? Has anyone else done this? Thanks