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  1. mrsoliver

    Dual Sport Ride Sunday So Cal.

    Everything that I have seen is open. 3n34 from T-6 Bridge to Crabs flats was closed but is now open. I have not been on 3w11 the last couple of months but have been everywhere else. I turned around on 3w13 where it intersects with 3w12. Some of the trails are really washed on with big ruts - especially in the fire areas. Great riding overall. Rain and snow have packed down a lot of the silky dirt. Have Fun!!!
  2. mrsoliver

    Silverwood Lake/lake Arrowhead

    The areas affected by the Grass Valley and the Slide Fires that remain closed include: Grass Valley Fire Road Closure Closure of Forest Road 2N34 from Junction of 2N37 to Forest boundary Closure of Forest Road 2N34A from Forest boundary to 2N34 Slide Fire Closure Forest Trail 2W07 from 3N34 Junction to Fisherman's Campground Fredalba Trail from forest boundary FSR 2N19 (including spurs 2N19A, 2N19B, and 2N19C) from intersection with Green Valley Lake Road near Camp Cedar Crest to Meadow Lane near the Green Valley Campground Forest Service Road 2N16 from the Green Valley Campground to its terminus Forest Service Road 2N13 from Green Valley Campground to Fawnskin (3N14) (overlap Butler 2 closure) Forest Service Road 2N13D from intersection with 2N13 to Crafts Peak Forest Service Road 2N33Y from 3N16 to Tent Peg Group Camp Forest Service Road 3N34B from 3N16 to its terminus Green Valley Campground and the roads within the campground Fisherman's Group Campground Tent Peg Group Campground Additional Closed Forest Roads – currently closed for repair: Forest Service Road 1N35 Cucamonga Canyon Road Forest Service Road 1N34 San Sevaine Road I have not confirmed all of these closures. I was up there on Tuesday and the gate was closed at 2N33 right before it intersects with 2N37, so there was no way up to the Pinnacle. I check the lower gate on 2n37 and it was open but I am pretty sure there is a gate up towards 2n33 which I would guess is also closed. This area was all part of the Grass Valley Fire. You may be better off staging out of the Pinnacle OHV.
  3. mrsoliver

    BB Fire update...

    I was up there yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see so little smoke. All of the planes seem to be gone and just a couple of areas producing smoke. Road from Miller to Pinnacles, all clear. Inciweb is reporting 83% contained. I live in Crestline. It's sprinkling with very heavy cloud cover and high humidity, so I imagine the fire is pretty much done.
  4. mrsoliver

    Flat Tires

    Thanks for all the input - for the record I ride in mostly rocky woods – Arrowhead area and KM. I have got one puncture, two pinches and lost a valve stem. I have been running between 10-12 pounds with either the MSR or Bridgestone HD version. I went to Chaparral the other day and bought the UHD tube and a new rim lock. The salesman suggested going up to about 14 pounds and to consider using a tire with stronger side walls – like the Dunlop – what do you all think - thanks
  5. mrsoliver

    Flat Tires

    I just got my forth flat tire, three in the front and one in the back in the last year. Does anyone have any advice on specific brands of HD tubes or any other method or preventing flat tires? I have been using Bridgestone HD tubes. I was thinking about the tire balls but I can’t see spending $200 a tire. I have also been contemplating using a sealant like RideOn. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. mrsoliver

    Moved to Crestline Area

    If anyone can help? I just moved up to Lake Gregory and was trying to find the best way to get to the trail system in the area with the least amount of pavement. I tried Dart Canyon but it states private. Any help would be much appreciated - thanks
  7. mrsoliver

    Lytle Creek to Silverwood

    I've done it a couple of times - not difficult - fire roads - great view fun ride - Both times I have mapped out my route and end up getting lost on the way. A few of the roads are not listed on maps and very few markers. Just head north not to difficult. Need more help let me know and Ill try to figure out my route.