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  1. Yzrider11

    How about Trey Canard?

    Trey's doing an awesome job on the 450, no doubt about that. As for Shorty, he did a great job commentating at Daytona. If anyone's ever read his articles in Transworld I'd say the guy's probably one of the more intelligent racers out there and definitely has a future around the sport, even if that doesn't mean winning titles
  2. Yzrider11

    Can we get rid of Sheheen please?

    +1, he should stick with NASCAR or something. Speed needs to take a page out of the CMRC nationals book, those announcer`s are awesome - so much energy and they ride! I have nothing against Sheheen, I just think there`s a lot of people that could do his job 100x better.
  3. Yzrider11

    Dungey is too nice to be SX Champ

    All I can say is that the racing is the best I've seen in years, it's nice to see somebody different on the box every week.
  4. Yzrider11


    Chisholm was out of place, no doubt about that. But I must admit, it's hard keeping an eye on the sidelines in a race setting. I can't say as I'd notice a blue flag immediately if I was racing SX, I practically miss the checkered most of the time in my local races
  5. Yzrider11

    Jlaw...again dude?

    Man I just hope Hill stays clear of this goon, could end up ruining his season! How did the whole Dungey/J-Law beef get started anyways, its been running so long I can't even remember.
  6. Wow beautiful pics, looks like a great trip!
  7. Yzrider11

    This is just ridiculous

    Those lads obviously learned how to ride sand the right way, NO SUCH THING AS BRAKES
  8. Yzrider11

    Proposal For New MX Park in Southern Ontario

    +1 There's a good number of laws in Ontario that make starting up a legal track difficult. A lawyer and some A1 real estate are a must.
  9. Yzrider11

    Proposal For New MX Park in Southern Ontario

    Looking at your map, its clear to me that the "Sub Prime" section is too far away from the majority of people. Not only that, finding a quality piece of land that has track potential is difficult in that area due to its geography. The hardest part, and likely most important, is finding a piece of land that has quality soil and some natural land formations that will draw people to your track. Take Gopher Dunes for example, people drive from all over because its pretty much the only decent sand track for miles. Finding a parcel of land that can offer a track that's unique would certainly boost its appeal in my mind. If I had to list my top concerns it would go something like this: -Well maintained track -Unique and fun sections -BIG -Gas and local MX related services nearby (if it's more than 1hr away from my house) -Easy to get to Good luck with your venture bud, we need more entrepreneurs in this sport. -Reasonable price
  10. Yzrider11

    Best Motocross Video!!!!

    MAN! I go to play it BAM! NUTSHELL, great vid just on that note!
  11. Yzrider11

    Kevin 14 - Photoshop

  12. Yzrider11

    Friend's track HC

    Man that track looks fun, could probably hit some parts in 5th by the looks of it!
  13. I hate that feeling when you`re coming in too hot and you literally can`t turn in time. Glad to see you`re in one piece, could have been much worse by the looks of it.