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  1. kx motodad

    Missing&popping YZ 250f

    Yes Eddie: I had the slide out .When I look at it now [installed] I can see from the eng side a small hole in the Metal plate that lays on the slide face.It does not go through the slide it is just on the plate on the eng side .Is this the right way? It was doing the same before I cleaned it and Im sure I put the slide in the same way it came out but I may be going behind someone else [dont know] .Is this what your getting at? the slide may be improperly installed?. Thanks for your help!!!
  2. kx motodad

    Piston help!!!

    Detonation!!! hammered the piston doesent take much, ck your octane use the highest you can buy.
  3. 05 yz 250f Runs great on choke but misses & pops & backfires badly on steady lite throttle in neutral, off choke. I have removed carb twice and cleaned it twice,[ all jets and passages clean] blown out with air and carb cleaner, all passages .Changed needle and needle jet with new [std ones] ,changed pilot adj screw and oring with new. Removed cyl head & checked all valves for sealing ,all ok, changed piston rings while I was there. Checked all in carb for proper placement and operation [hot start closing compleatly and slide in the right way] runs the same if you unplug the tps or not.I have noticed it wants more fuel at part throttle so i have gone from a 42 pilot to a 48 but its still not enough.[made a small differance]I have checked for any intk air leaks but found none. I have lowered the needle clip to the fourth notch and lower but no difference. 182 main 48 pilot 72 starter 55 leak Runs better when it gets hot but still backfires and pops.You can ride it but it has to be hot before it is rideable . doesnt miss or pop under acceleration while riding . but it sounds like sh*** when in neutral. What am I missing here?! Im about ready to get out my pin vice drill bits and drill out the pilot jet. :thumbsup:
  4. kx motodad

    Need Help with Valve clearence check and shim

    I dont know about you but I only counted 27 pins from dot to dot you better ck your cams and reset the cam timing before you go any farther.
  5. kx motodad

    06 cam chain tensioner

    No prob hope the info helps because you will be ajusting the intks more than the yami .They are bigger and heavyer {2 instead of three} and tend to beat in earlyer than the yami but this depends on riding style and abuse.
  6. kx motodad

    06 cam chain tensioner

    I just pull back on the on the pawl lock{with the spring and rod removed} and push the pawl all the way in. Then install the adjuster in the cyl and tighten the mounting bolts{8mm} ck my cams once more{do not turn eng over yet!} and then install the spring & rod and the center spring cap bolt{12mm}.The chain will have tightend up now.The cams will move to the right a small amount due to cam chain slack but you should always take up the slack on the exh cam when timing them,that is just turn cam to the rear or right to keep the slack out of the frnt of the chain while lining up your dots on the exh cam then install your intk cam make sure you have 28 pins from dot to dot and when you install your tensioner your intk cam may move a little due to chain stretch but you will still have your 28 pins and your exh cam should still be linened up with the head ,the intk cam might have moved slightly over to right and the dot may fall below the head line but as long as the exh cam dot is still aligned and you have 28 pins you are timed correctly. Turn over eng twice & re ck cam timing.make sure your fly wheel marks are inbetween the notch in the cover at all times because when the piston is at top center the eng wants to move over center by it self .I find it helpful to leave the socket and ratchet on the flywheelnut and the ratchet hanging straight down to help prevent crank movement but I doubble ck my marks often.
  7. kx motodad

    cuts out on steady throttle

    Thanks Eddie... Ill get a new one tomorrow and try it Ill let you know.
  8. I have a 2003 yz 450 thats cutting out at steady rpms riding or sitting in neutral . ckd valves ok, changed plug and ckd gap ok.changed cdi box and coil with loaner, no help.ckd carb ac pump diaphragm,ok.jetting is 165 main- 45 pilot- 72 starter,needle is on 4th groove, needle ncvq-4 stock.spark plug is black and sooty.eng is running to rich and I dont know why? takes fuel well with no prob when going to wide open while riding but if you hold it steady it misses bad and is cutting out.I dont know how long its been doing this because Im trying to repair for a friend of a friend.
  9. kx motodad

    Hot Start

    Take carb off, remove plastic cable end and slide up as far as it will go {remove cable from lever first you may have to remove lever with cable on it first then take lever compleatly off cable then unscrew cable cap from carb and slide up as far as you can} Then spray some penatrating oil such as Kroil in hole where cap was removed let sit for a while ,then heat with a hair dryer the hot start plunger area and pull GENTLY on cable if it dosent move spray more oil and reheat ,after removing, clean the plunger with steel wool and the hole with a soft hole brush and lube with some lite oil such as 3 in 1 oil.BE sure to blow the hole out with air after cleaning to make sure air bleed passage is clear.
  10. kx motodad

    New Piston

    Try CP Pistons 1-949-567-9029 great stuff!!!, ask for RC tell him kenny AT B&B sent you!!!
  11. kx motodad

    Broken piston wrist pin

    Got a 3 month old 450 in shop yesterday, piston pin broken- a ton of damage even cases beat up ,will call Kawi as soon as poss ..let you know how it turns out.
  12. kx motodad

    06 OIL pouring out of overflow

    Ck old post on this ,when eng is tilted to left such as on side stand oil will collect in over flow pipe. Pipe is the kick start idler gear tube that it rotates on , anyway this tube will fill with oil because the drain holes are facing upward when its on the side stand and the base pressure will build up and push the oil out the tube because the eng needs to breathe somewhere.If you have the side case off you can see the idler gear and it has 4 holes where it collects the oil ,the tube it rotates on has 4 holes also that drains the oil that it might collect, its those that are facing upward and allowing the tube to fill with oil.
  13. kx motodad

    Just Changed Oil And.........

    Did you run it on the side stand ? If you did it will pump oil out while leaning to left side ..ck old post on this >
  14. kx motodad

    Cylinder Question

    Yes there is a recess,but it does not use an oring just the base gasket only.
  15. kx motodad

    Where did the oil go?

    Someone changed them due to some internal crack they found.But forgot the nozzle. And yes rottella is a great oil it just dont meet the jaso req.