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  1. Hey Mike, Thanks for the removal info and install tip. That will make the job much quicker. I had the same experience with my 3 jaw puller...very little room behind the sprocket and on very tight. Thanks again, Sulli
  2. Hi All, The cam chain on my 99 Xr200R jumped the lower sprocket last week...fortunately, not while riding, but as I was shutting it off. I got the motor out and apart....the guides are pretty worn and will be replaced, as well as the cam chain. I'd like to replace the lower cam chain sprocket on the crank but I have a question..is this gear pressed on being held in place by the collar in front of it? If so, any simple shop tools to pry these items off? Thanks much... Sulli
  3. Hey Guys, thanks for the reply. I do have a manual for the bike that gives the test points and values and I did put my meter on it last night. However, I'm not sure about the readings. When I tested the coil, the meter read fine. When I went to test the stator through the connectors, the meter would only read 1, no matter which setting I used on the meter dial, which I think may be infinity. The manual states to set the meter at r 10X I believe, however, my multimeter doesn't have this setting. I was thinking maybe I have to dig out my old meter to measure this. I'm not sure. The same thing happened when I went to test the CDI leads..no readings on the meter...just stayed at 1 no matter what resistance I dialed on the meter. I have a stator coming that I hope will solve this issue. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Hi all, New to posting to but not to reading the info here on TT. And there is allot of great info that has helped me in the past....I have, now, however, run into a rather confusing electrical problem... Some history first if I may... Two years ago I picked up a nice 83 XL 250R for my G/F to ride because she indicated she'd like to get her street license. I wanted her to get some dirt time because I feel it translates well to the street...always room for more skills.. During that time we rode it on our farm, local fields and some trails. Well, two weeks ago, things got funny. This XL has had all the lighting removed as well as the signals and battery. So, two weeks ago I'm riding and the bike just dies...like someone drained the tank or yanked the spark plug boot. I thought the plug fouled because there was no spark...I replaced the plug...and still no spark. Frustrated and tired, I walked away figuring it was dead...I later went out to the barn to kick it just for kicks...it started first kick..I figured the coil was bad...I replaced the coil...She started right up, ran for 20 minutes then died again...no spark. Let her cool off and she started and ran fine...for 20 minutes. At this point I disconnected the regulator/rectifier AND the finned regulator. I kicked the bike and it started..ran great for 20 minutes then shut off with no spark...and of course, started when she cooled off. Should the bike even start with the reg/rect AND reg disconnected? I was going to replace the reg/rect and the reg but now I'm thinking it's the stator. I can't see the CDI going bad... Anyone have any suggestions/advice...Gladly appreciated. Thanks, Sulli
  5. Creaky, I ride bikes as well as quads. I want more land opened for them as well as for ATV's. As for sending the thread to friends in Harrisburg, (PAOHV, SAAC, DCNR and other friends) I already have and it's not to get bikes banned. It is to strengthen the ATV cause. If it forces me to ride my bikes on a track, then so be it. Right not I have many miles of free land to ride on, including technical woods to massive hill climbs that will not be taken from us. It also presents opportunity for bike riders to band together to make market their ideas and present solutions. I plan on rallying harrisburg next summer with, so far, 3000 riders comitted. Bikes and Quads. As riders we need to be cohesive, not fragmented. In doing so we have to play by the rules to get what we want. As for looking like whatever you mentioned in the eyes of state govt...I am federal govt. and have been for 20 years. I know how to play their game.
  6. Hey Roger, In my 37 years of riding and racing I've ridden places I'm not supposed to. I do, however, NOT ride where a land owner wishes to be respected. Cable, fence, signage.....Whatever. It doesn't matter. If it's in the open it's there for a reason.The POINT to all this is that land is being taken away from us quickly for reasons mentioned in this thread. I don't always want to ride on a track with my bikes or my quads. I want massive hillclimbs and scenery in the woods with techinical challenge. Thankfully, with the group I ride with, bikes and quads, we have have many, MANY miles of those kinds of trails. FREE... We have negotiated with land owners for permission and permits. When we come across bung holes, we have them arrested. Quite simple. Play nice, ride free. Hope that's not to complicated a theory. I've strung cable with flags across access to my land and other families land in central Pa. And we are WLL within our rights to do so because it does not constitute negligence. Hiding them is a different story. Fortunately, a few bills in congress will ban frivilous law suits. IE..the ones brought about by criminals who are somewhere they are not supposed to be. That will make it harder for butt heads to take any civil action against a land owner. Read more about the ammendments to the Land Owner Held Harmless Act. Another peice of info you might want to read up on is the Federal Tort Claims Act. If the cable in question was on Govt owned, leased or managed land and you get hurt, the FTCA makes it impossible to sue the govt. This is why the "liability excuse" PGC and DCNR hands us is bogus. I know this because I am Govt. 98 Banshee 89 250R Four Trax 85 200X 05 CRF450R
  7. Skip, do you know how many times this land owner has had trouble with riders? I don't. That has not been mentioned. Has he had so much trouble from disrespectful riders that he felt he was at his wits end? Quite possibly. As I've said, his methods were invasive and meant to clearly send a message. We don't, however, know the degree to which he was driven to take such drastic measure and I'm not going to make any assumptions. I'm old enough and been riding long enough to see the extremes to which land owners have gone to keep people off their land, especially when the problem continues and escalates. If this has happened to him repeatedly, let him send as powerful as he needs. He will feel he has accomplished his goal. Was it the right thing to do? In his eyes, yes. In ours, no. I will not, however, condone arrogant, disrespectful riders purposefully acting irresponsibly. You wouldn't want riders on your lawn would you? If it happened repeatedly and escalated to serious destruction and you felt as though you weren't adequately being taken care of by strained law enforcement, would you take certain matters into your own hands? What would it take, how much pushing, to bring you to that boiling point? What measures would you take? To many variables within to many different minds.
  8. Dusk, If it's a legal park, not on private, marked property, then someone is seriously sick. Outright negligent. That is why we have to police ourselves. Why would three riders from Norristown Pa go to ride in the Centralia area, hotwire millions of dollars worth of mining equiptment and destroy it? Disrespect, arrogance....Result....Area shut down. To many to list but the story is the same. Do something stupid and we ALL pay the price. Remember, no matter WHAT we ride, we are the bastard stepchildren in the eyes of many if just ONE of us screws up. I'm tired of paying the price and, in this case, apparently so is the land owner. He could have chosen a less invasive method, however, he may have been so fed up, that he felt this was his last resort. Without facts, it's not in our best interests to make assumptions. We can make wiser choices if we want to preserve what we have and gain what we want.
  9. MX Teen, I'm in total agreement with you. We SHOULD be working together to get issues regarding land use settled. We must ALL be ambassadors to the sport. I will not, however, let small minds attack me for my desire to protect land owners who do not want motorized vehicles on their property. If there is a fence, or a cable, that's a sign. You violate someones space, without their permission, you suffer the consequence of that choice. Precident has been set in the courts already regarding incidents as such. If I have to take posts like that to my legislators to give them an indication of who and what exists that spoils it for the rest of us, I surely will and intend to do so. 25 years of working for the govt. has provided me with much insight and many contacts in Harrisburg and DC. There is NO room in the sport for disrespect, arrogance and ego. I'm not a tree hugger/eco-boy. I'm a grown adult who loves the outdoors and riding for my 37 years and will defend the rights of propety owners. I've seen too many area shut down due to arrogance, disrespect and down right negligent acts. The only reason my riding buddies and I have over 200 miles of trails to ride on, is through negotiation, meetings and promises to land owners. We uphold these promises and we ride.....untouched. Thanks for the post.
  10. Hey 40, I'm always looking for new material too and this thread is providing a great deal for when I sit in on meetings in harrisburg with DCNR, SAAC, and PAHOV. Also providing me with a great deal of ammunition to present to legislators as more reason to ban bikes (as much as I love my two wheels) on state land. If ya'll feel that stringing up a cable to provide one a means by which to keep yahoos (yes, they give all of us a bad name and ruin it for all) off private land is a crime, think about the illegality your part of when riding on that land. If ya'll feel that disrespecting anothers possessions is a vehicle by which to gain land to ride on, you're sorely mistaken. What say you guys, who feel this land owner, or govt. body wants people off the property, give me and others your address so we can come up with a few friends and turf your lawn. We'll bring bolt cutters to cut locks or cables on your garages and sheds and a slide hammer to break the locks. Then we'll trash your possessions. You game or just TALK??? You wanna blow wind or put your money where your mouth is? If you are an honorable person and not a hypocrite, then you'll oblige this request. I am quite sure you won't oblige and, are, therefore, just hypocrites. It's ok for you to carry out your game but when another games you, all bets are off. Why get peeved over someone wishing to protect their possessions? That is, after all, what it boils down to, isn't it? My family and friends families have opened up many acres of our private land here in PA for responsible people to ride on. We issues them permits, they police the land and clean up after themselves. Sure glad some of you aren't on that list. Oh, and to the person who called me SheeFaggot. That's mighty creative. Got more or are you other thoughts lonely becuase that was the only one keeping them company? If I see your creative mind wandering out on the trails, I'll send it back to you....It's too young to be out on its own.
  11. Creaky, I was just passing along what I read on the PA ATV Forums. If you wish to attack me for asking you to be careful with your approach to reporting the matter, then do so. It's no problem to trace your IP address then gather more information to pass along to authorities. If someone on another forum does this, I, personally, don't think it would benefit any of our riding causes. We all want space to ride, free of charge and repurcussions from land owners. Pennsylvania is becoming the wreckedreational state. DCNR drags their feet in big ways and their latest audut shows how little of the millions of dollars we've paid into them over the last 20 years are left in their accounts. That is one of the reason why pohopco is still closed from last winters ice storm. Sulli
  12. Dave, ATV's are not permitted on state lands after the last full weekend in sept. Bikes are off limits totally on all State Lands. While I own ATV's (2000 Modded Banshee and 89 250R Fourtrax, original) I also have dirt bikes.(75 Montessa Cappra 250VR, Bultaco Pursang 360, 2005 CRF450R) Raced them in the past. I don't think it's fair that bikes are not permitted on state land so I ride them on tracks, TC, Paragon or the Centralia area. With 200k plus registered quads and another estimated 200k unregistered, the quads have the numbers politically. As for quads doing more damage than bikes.....My field is more chopped and rutted from my bikes than my quads. Sulli
  13. Creaky, I have to take you to task on this post for a few reasons. What were you doing in Michaux? It closes the last full weekend in September as do ALL State Lands. 2) What were you doing there on a bike? Bikes are not permitted on ANY State Lands. Dude, if you report it, I have no doubt you will end up with some fines or other problems for the two reasons I mentioned above. And if you cut the cable, you're asking for even more trouble. I feel I should also tell you that your post has made it to the ATV Forums and they are thinking about reporting you, again, for the two reasons I mentioned above. They are also seriously angry with you due to the fact that it comes down on ATV riders as well. Be very careful how you handle this. If Michaux ends up closed to riders, their wrath will be focused on you. Sulli