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  1. snaplet

    dead yfz

    I talked to my mechanic an he said that if u don't turn ur gas off,gas leaks into ur oil from ur carb an it will mess ur bike up.
  2. snaplet

    dead yfz

    yea,i know but i thank everyone tryin to help me out tho.
  3. snaplet

    dead yfz

    Thanks dude.
  4. snaplet

    dead yfz

    Aight thanks man.
  5. snaplet

    Wiring harness

    Thanks man.
  6. snaplet

    Yamaha Wiring harness

    I have another thread for dead yfz i am goin to try this and see what happens. I need a wiring harness new or used but in good condition for a yfz 450 04 model. If anyone has one to sell or knows where i can get one fairly cheap would u let me know. (THANKS)
  7. snaplet

    Yamaha dead yfz

    I have a 04' YFZ 450, I unloaded it from my truck to go riding, bike idled fine, when trying to take off, motor stalled out when going into the throttle. for a while it would start and idle, it even revd up, but in a rough way, yet it died when you go to pull out. Now it has trouble even starting, you have to keep pumping the throttle, it runs for a few seconds and dies. I changed the coil, and spark plug, with no luck there either. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I'm really desparate....Thanks