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  1. Have you guys seen the 09' 500x with fi? Check it out we can only dream. www.hmmoto.it
  2. Will rm/rmz forks fit on this? Also will the rear fender work from an rm/rmz?
  3. I live in California and need to know if it is green sticker. Also is this a good crossover bike? 80% offroad and 20% moto.
  4. Hey noscrod I agree camero dude has never owned a honda. So he has no idea. If you could have that kind of reliability than I should to.
  5. After looking around I think I'm going to buy the 450x. I know I'll be happier in the long run no matter what camero dude says.
  6. I actively post in the honda section because if you have been paying tention I no longer own a yamaha, but are curently looking to buy a honda.
  7. If I were to buy yamaha it would be a 2006 wr250 with the air injection system, because I live in California! Thats what I meant. Also have you ever heard of the Dirt Rider 24 hour test the honda finished with flying colors. I Would not ever ride it that hard.
  8. If the yamaha is so much better than why is the honda winning every shootout? Thats beacause it has a more universal appeal. My first bike was a 2000 cr 125 that handled way better than my yamaha. So if the valve issue is all you got to bash on hondas than I'm sticking to it. Also I'm not buying a motocrosser, I want an off road bike that gets less abuse. Since I can't afford a new yamaha With the air injection system and green sticker I can buy a an 04 250x.
  9. Dude I had a yz250f look at my first post. Yes I loved it, except for the whole never being able to start it thing. Plus they don't handle as good as a honda. I'm amost certain that the so called ''Valve Problem'' bs would not be an issue because I never ride my bikes to death. The hondas also have better resale.My cousin has a crf250r and it has 80 hrs on it with only one valve adjustment since he bought it and he rides every other day. I don't even come close to that kind of torture.
  10. Yea, I live in southern cali and commonly ride at hungry valley ohv park and ocasionally ride ocatillo wells but am looking to branch out. I'll most likely go with the 250x and get a big bore kit with a few other mods. Does any ony know if the valve life is better with the big bore? I heard it might be, because you don't need to rev the bike as much. Please comment.
  11. Which one? http://www.twobros.com/cgi-bin/shopper?search=action&keywords=crf450x_exh&searchstart=0&template=Templates/TBRSearchResult-Simple-Hon-CRF450X-2006.html or http://www.imsproducts.com/crf250x.cfm -with either a 270 or 307 big bore kit.
  12. I am coming off an 02' yz250f sold, and I loved it. Other than the starting issue. I was wondering if a 250 or 450 would be better for me. I'm 5'8 135lbs. My main concern is the top speed. I ride mostly desert and trails with other 300-400cc riders. Is the 250 fast enough or would the 450 get the job done better?
  13. Is there a web site to see such a thing?
  14. That looks awsome!!! Is that real? Looks like Photoshop to me.